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In case you haven’t noticed, the jump shot has become the new wave and attraction in the sport of basketball.  Teams on all levels (Professional and Collegiate) are looking for players who can shoot from a variety of different spots on the floor.  Athleticism is still very important to scouts however, you can never have enough shooters on one roster.  The Golden State Warriors for example are a professional team that lacks athleticism.  However, they have mastered the art of matching your 2 point scoring, with 3 point scoring of their own.  This strategy has landed them a NBA Championship.  The recent moves in recruiting for the Marquette Golden Eagles, have made it clear that their main focus is improving the team’s overall field goal percentages along with their three point percentages to increase their chances of winning games.  Last year, Marquette shot roughly 46% from the field and only 33% from beyond the arc which ranked 217th in the nation.  These moves

4 Feb 2015: Marquette Golden Eagles head coach Steve Wojciechowski squats at the bench as he looks on during the NCAA men's basketball  game between the Marquette Golden Eagles and the Villanova Wildcats played at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA
4 Feb 2015: Marquette Golden Eagles head coach Steve Wojciechowski squats at the bench as he looks on during the NCAA men’s basketball game between the Marquette Golden Eagles and the Villanova Wildcats played at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA

help to assure these stats will improve for the better.

Markus Howard is a player Marquette believes will help accomplish this goal.  Markus Howard is a 5’11, 170lb SG from Chandler Arizona.  Howard attended Findlay College Prep where he averaged a 4.0 GPA.  He was a member of the class of 2017 however, he is graduating early and attending Marquette. Howard turned down countless offers from college programs such as Arizona, UConn, Oregon, USC, Wisconsin, Memphis and many more.  Scouts biggest problem with Howard is his size.  He’s undersized for his position (SG) which could cause problems on the defensive end.   Taller players will be able to shoot over him and back him down if necessary.  However, Howard’s upside far outweighs his downside.  He is a shooting guard that has the ability to play the point guard position as well.  He has a tight handle, and court vision helps prove this point.  He is a volume scorer, who can beat you in a variety of different ways.  Howard can shoot both of the dribble and off a screen.  His size and quickness helps him get into the paint as well.  His quick first step leaves defenders frozen and allows him to finish at the rim or create for the bigs. ESPN ranks Howard in the top 100 of his class (84th). Howard averaged 32.4 ppg 4.2 rebounds and 2.8 assist in his last year of high school.

Sam Hauser is another player Marquette believes will help them accomplish their goals for this upcoming season.  Sam Hauser is a 6’6” 180lb SF from Stevens Point, Wisconsin. He attended Stevens Point Area Senior high school. Luckily he has decided to stay in his home state (Wisconsin) and play for the Golden Eagles.  The biggest knock on Hauser’s game is his lack of athleticism.  Hauser lacks quickness and speed. He is also far from the player that plays above the rim.  However, his basketball IQ, shooting, rebounding and finishing abilities help make up for deficiencies.  Hauser’s basketball IQ allows him to let the game come to him.  He is patient and rarely turns the ball over or forces his own shot.  He’s an excellent shooter. He has the ability to shoot the lights out of any gym from anywhere on the floor. He is the definition of the phrase “Hand down, man down!” meaning if you don’t contest his shot, its going through the net.  If his shot isn’t falling he’s very efficient at getting into the paint and finishing with contact to get things going offensively.  Hauser is also a great rebounder for his size.  He doesn’t shy away from banging down low with the bigs and scraping for rebounds.  Hauser ranks in the top 100 (86th) of his class, averaging 18.2PPG shooting 55% from the field, 41% from 3pt range, and 9.1 rebounds.

Brendan Bailey is someone who Marquette knows can contribute right away to the team’s tournament aspirations.  Bailey is a 6’8” 195lb SF from American Folk, Utah.  He attended American Folk high school.  Bailey declined offers from UConn, Gonzaga, Michigan, and San Diego State to play for Marquette this upcoming year. Bailey does not have many noticeable holes in his game.  The only visible knock on his game is how streaky he can be.  When he’s on, he can get as hot as anyone in the nation scoring from anywhere on the court.  When he’s cold, it’s hard from him to find his rhythm in the game.  However, Bailey is a great rebounder and scorer. He has the ability to back down and or shoot over defenders with relative ease.  He excels in up tempo, fast break offenses.   He also has surprising athleticism.  When you least expect it, he can drive past you and put your big man a on poster. As Reggie Miller would say, “Welcome to your Kodak moment!” His athleticism and size also helps him rebound and start fast breaks.  ESPN ranks Brendan Bailey in the top 100 of his class (80).  He averaged 20ppg and 7.2 rebounds in his senior year of high school.

Marquette hopes that these players can come in and contribute to more wins this upcoming season.  Each player that has signed with Marquette brings their own unique skills to the game.  All of these said skills will be needed as they try to make noise in the Big East Conference and hopefully the NCAA tournament. Marquette improved last year with a 20-13 record last year, and the program expects nothing but continuous progression and improvement.  These players should contribute to the teams overall success as Marquette looks to shoot their way back into championship contention.

Projected Depth Chart:


  1. Traci Carter
  2. Duane Wilson Jr
  3. Markus Howard
  4. Cam Marotta


  1. Haanif Cheatham
  2. Duane Wilson Jr
  3. Markus Howard
  4. Sacar Anim
  5. Andrew Rowsey


  1. JaJuan Johnson
  2. Sandy Cohen III
  3. Katin Reinhardt
  4. Sam Hauser


  1. Matt Heldt
  2. Bendan Bailey
  3. Sam Hauser


  1. Luke Fischer
  2. Matt Heldt



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