Marquette’s Breakout Talent


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Every year in sports there are a few players who stand out more than others.  Sometimes, it happens to be the same superstar players. However, there are some players that put in the work in the off season and randomly pop up like an unexpected pimple, making their presents felt from game to game.  This ultimately helps the team reach new highs and surpass its goals for the season.  Marquette has a few of those players on their roster that are ready to make an impact and take the team to the next level.  We have seen Marquette grow and improve throughout the past two years increasing their win totals from year to year (2014: 13-19, 2015: 20- 13). With these players coming into their own, it won’t stop there.

Marquette’s center Luke Fischer is prime and ready to have an huge impact on the team’s success this year.  The senior has shown improvements to his game between each year he has played for the team.  In 2014, Fischer averaged 11 PPG and 4.8 RPG shooting roughly .61% from the field.  With the spotlight on Henry Ellenson in 2015, Fischer managed to improve his play and production increasing his scoring and rebounding averages per game while remaining efficient; 12.1 PPG, 6.2 RPG .61%. Now that Ellenson has decided to take his talents to the NBA, Fischer will have more opportunities to have an impact on the game. He should touch the ball more on the offensive end, which will help him stay active on the defensive end as well.  With that being said, we should expect yet another jump in scoring, rebounding and blocks this year, which would assist in more team victories this season.

Junior guard Duane Wilson, is another player we should expect huge play from this season.  Much like Fischer, Wilson is a player who has also made improvements to his game throughout his career for Marquette.  In 2014, Wilson averaged 11.9 PPG, 2.4 RPG 2.1 APG on roughly 39% shooting.  In 2015, Wilson improved his rebounding, and play making ability averaging 2.6 RPG and 2.5 APG. Wilson sacrificed a little scoring falling to 11.6 PPG however, the improvement in his efficiency made up for it; roughly .43%  He has proven to be a versatile player, willing to do what it takes to help his team win. Rather that means he has to come off the bench, or start when coach Wojciechowski calls his number, he’s ready to ball. Wilson is experienced and has become more of a vocal leader for this team. He’s projected to have more minutes and opportunities on the floor which will help assure a jump in his stats this upcoming season.           lukefischerduanewilsoneastbasketball8utt1i8yd_tl

Markus Howard is the wild card breakout player for Marquette.   Markus Howard is a 5’11” natural born scorer from Chandler, Arizona. The freshman guard is capable of playing both the point guard and shooting guard position. He has “in the gym” range meaning he can shoot and score from anywhere of the floor.  His ball handling is superior, allowing him to create for himself as well as for others with relative ease.  Howard averaged 32.4 PPG in his last year on the high school level. His only downfall is his size for his position. If there is no help defense played, opposing guards will be able to post up or shoot over the top of him.  However, Marquette’s coaching staff believes this sky’s the limit for his career as a Golden Eagle. Howard is projected to see time on the floor as a starter this year, therefore his scoring and play making will be crucial in earning more wins as a team this year.

These stand out players will assist in more wins this season for Marquette.  These wins will be needed playing in the same conference as the defending NCAAB champions Villanova Wildcats, as well as talented teams such like Butler, Xavier, and Georgetown.  Marquette is coming into the season highly motivated and believes they can compete with any team in the conference on any given night.  It has been quite some time since we’ve seen Marquette in the NCAA tournament competing at a high level. However, Marquette players and coaching staff believes this could be the year they make their run.


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