Scouting Brandon Ingram

Alexander Juneau examines highly coveted freshmen from Duke, Brandon Ingram – Photo by CBSports.
When Simmons first stepped foot into the NCAA it was assumed he would run away with the Number 1 Draft slot, or his main challenger would be UK center Labisierre thus far in the season Labisierre has rolled over and his stock has plummeted. Simmons has not sealed his stock though, thanks to today’s focus Brandon Ingram. Ingram is having a standout season for the Duke Blue Devils. Out of Kinston, North Carolina Ingram is splitting time between the 3 and 4 and showing why he was the 3rd rated prospect in his class.

Vitals: Height- 6’9.5″ Wingspan- 7’3″ Weight-195  Birthdate- 9/2/97

Ingram has excellent height and reach and has shown standout athleticism to pair with that he is a true physical specimen.

Stats: 17.1 PPG 6.4 RPG 1.8 APG 1.4 BPG 1.5 SPG 49.6 FG% 41.7 3PT%

Ingram is a true stat sheet stuffer averaging >1 in every major category. His steal and block numbers show his tremendous athleticism and feel for the game. Meanwhile his 3PT% is also a fantastic for a 18 year old.

Draft Stock: Top 3

Barring a major breakout from an unknown prospect or an injury, Ingram is basically a lock for a top 3 pick. He has shown everything he needs to in college, his physical stature alone would have gotten him some first round looks.

Strengths: Shooting is one of his main strengths, he has gathered comparisons to a young Durant due to their similar twiggy statures. His athleticism and defensive instincts are another big part of his prospect profile. He has also demonstrated an ability to take guys off the dribble as is evidenced by his high scoring average. He has been a fairly good rebounder for Duke, but its questionable how much it will translate since he has been playing a lot of power forward this year. He has a killer in between game with a sweet pull-up jumper that is fueling these Durant comparisons. He has pretty good vision and very good ball fakes, seems to be a very high IQ basketball player. Strong hair game as well.

Ingram desperately needs to put on weight. -Picture via
Ingram desperately needs to put on weight. -Picture via

Weaknesses: For a high usage college player his assist numbers definitely leave something to be desired, no one needs him to be an elite passer, but to be an NBA star he needs to be a capable one. He is also very skinny at 6’9.5″ 195 he needs to beef up big time, for reference Paul George is listed at 225 and Lebron James at 250. Its tough to imagine Ingram guarding those guys even passably without adding major weight, but weight often comes with age, it should never be death knell to a prospects future.

Fit on the Bucks: 8/10

His advanced shooting profile fits perfectly with Giannis or Jabari, perhaps not with Khris Middleton if he can not play the shooting guard spot going forward. Personally I would be very happy moving forward starting PG/Middleton/Ingram/Antetokounmpo/Henson. I think if you found a mediocre shooting point guard you could build a devastatingly long defense with enough shooting to score in spades.


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