Wisconsin Sit Downs: Brad Davison


Brad Davison announced on Monday July 11th he was committing to the University of Wisconsin – Madison, the Minnesota native has seen a crazy uptick in recruiting coming off a state tournament run as junior and a breakout summer season in the EYBL.

Q: How has growing up in Minnesota shaped your game?

A: Growing up in the big ten and the Midwest, theres a lot of tough basketball players and you had to adjust for that. It is a very physical game this area and I think that makes you better when you travel.

Q: How has AAU shaped your game?

A: When I was in 8th grade I came to Howard Pulley and that shaped my game. I didn’t have a great summer last summer but that motivated me to come back stronger and better than ever. I played 17U in the EYBL last year and I think playing up in a tough league like that was tough, but it made me a better player.

Q: What do you think basketball means to the Midwest?

A: I think its huge especially in Minnesota, people don’t think of it as successful but we all have a chip on our shoulder as a result of that. Guys like Tyus Jones and Rashad Vaughn have shown that guys from Minnesota can play at a high level in the NCAA and make it to the NBA.

Q: What was your recruitment process like?

A: It started when I was in 8th grade when I got SDSU offer, before this summer it was mainly mid-major schools. I went from 7 offers at the start of the summer to 27 offers now. I think the reason I came out so strong is that I stayed motivated and stayed driven, as well as remaining confident in myself.

Davison had a breakout summer where his recruiting sky rocketed.
Davison had a breakout summer where his recruiting sky rocketed.

Q: Did you grow up a Gopher fan and how did that effect your recruitment?

A: I grew up with season tickets to the Golden Gophers and went to a lot of games when I was younger. I think it does have an effect, but its not a huge factor for me personally. I was a fan, but as a kid I did not envision myself playing for them.

Q: What factors drove you to Wisconsin?

A: Really great academic school and balance with basketball. I’ve known the staff for a long time, coach Krabbenhoft was recruiting me since I was in 8th grade. I know some current players and talk with other recruits. I think when It came down to it I went with my heart and gut.

Q: You said you’ve been talking with other recruits?

A: I’ve known Nathan since I was young, we played against each other in the state tournament this year and have been talking ever since.  I’ve known Kobe forever from travel teams and we started communicating during last high school basketball season.

Q: How has your high school career gone?

A: I think I’ve had a really good basketball career, we made it to state for the first time in a few years this year. My class in particular has seen a lot of success, we return a nice group and are working to make another run.

Q: What would you say are the strengths of game?

A: I think my leadership is one of my biggest strengths, I’m a good communicator and both my parents coached basketball so I grew up around the game. I think it is my biggest strength and it has contributed to a lot of my success.

Q: What made you make a commitment so early?

A: I play football so I wanted to make a decision before my senior year, so I can lock in on both of my seasons. As well as not taking visits during football season.

Q: How do you think you fit in your system?

Davison was a major reason Maple Grove returned to State tournament this part season.
Davison was a major reason Maple Grove returned to State tournament this part season.

A:I think I fit really well, Gard has talked about me being the quarterback of the team and leading them on both ends. He gives his guards a lot of freedom and I’m really excited and looking forward to it.

Q: Wisconsin point guards have a pretty impressive history what does that mean to you?

A: Wisconsin basketball in general has one of the richest traditions in the country. I want to leave my own legacy there and do what I can to make my team successful.

Q: Who do you seek to emulate?

A: I grew up watching and admiring Aaron Craft and John Scheyer so those are two guys I seek to draw from.

Q: Whose the best player you’ve ever played against?

A: Playing in the EYBL you play a lot of great players, I play a top guy in the country every game. So it is hard to just single one guy out individually.



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