Wisconsin Sit Downs: Jordan Poole


Jordan Poole is one of the top basketball players in the entire state of Wisconsin and is on his way to a new home. For the past three seasons he has played his games for Milwaukee Rufus King High School and has lit it up with his great shooting. Last season Poole averaged 18.2 points per game and finished the high school season with 400 points total through 22 games. But, this upcoming season Poole will be transferring and playing his last season of high school hoops in Indiana at La Lumiere in LaPorte, Indiana. Throughout his young career, Poole has gained offers from many Division 1 schools but, he has committed to Michigan and will be playing his college ball under coach John Beilein.

Stewart: So to start off, what have you been up to this summer in terms of basketball?

Poole: I played in the EYBL with Mac Irvin out of Chicago. Then went to the CP3 Camp, NBPA Top 100 Camp, and the Nike Skills Academy.

Stewart: Talking about your decision to move to Indiana, what led to your decision to transfer schools?

Poole will be another quick guard to play under Jim Beilein at Michigan. (Photo via Jon Lopez Photography)
Poole will be another quick guard to play under Jim Beilein at Michigan. (Photo via Jon Lopez Photography)

Poole: Being able to get to get prepared for college from an athletic standpoint, as well as a life standpoint. Being more independent, getting to classes on my own, getting to early workouts, and things like that.

Stewart: What did you learn at Milwaukee King that’s going to help you in Indiana?

Poole: I learn a lot about other cultures. I’ve become more diverse and open to accepting new activities and ideas.

Stewart: What are you going to miss about Milwaukee?

Poole: I’ll miss going to the festivals and other activities in the area.

Stewart: What about Michigan made you decide to choose them?

Poole: It’s the right fit for me. The coaches want me to succeed in everything possible from maturing as man, to being dominant on the court. They Are honest, and in order to succeed you need truth and those correlate with each other. I’m a shooter and it’s a shooting offense that coach Beilein has in place. This kind of offense gives guards the chance to excel. I also can see myself on campus for four years living as a student while being able to study at one of the most premier schools in the world.

Stewart: What was the recruiting process like?

Poole: The process was exciting. Long, new, intriguing, and a blessing to say the least.

Stewart: Did the local schools show a lot of interest in you?

Poole: Yes. Just about every Big Ten school showed interest.

Stewart: Have you been in touch with other Michigan recruits or players since committing?

Poole: Yes. I probably try to get them on campus more than the coaches do. (laughs)

Stewart: So what was it like at the CP3, and NBPA camps being around all of the top players in the country and competing with them?

Poole slams home a dunk during a recent tournament. (Photo Via Jon Lopez Photography)
Poole slams home a dunk during a recent tournament. (Photo Via Jon Lopez Photography)

Poole: Being around the best players only makes me want to get better. You learn from people by just being around them. Also, when you go to camps like that having such a common interest you create lifelong relationships.

Stewart: What was your reaction to see local guys like Diamond Stone, and Henry Ellenson getting drafted? Does it give you more confidence knowing that players from the area can make it to the top level?

Poole: It gives me a lot more confidence. Especially with Kevon Looney getting drafted because those guys are from the area so we know it’s possible. Also being able to ask questions about stuff because they’re living in it right now.

Stewart: What is your relationship with Looney? Is he a guy you can go to for advice?

Poole: I can do that more with Diamond. Kevon, I just know him.

Stewart: What do you think of Diamond being a Clipper?

Poole: I love it. Especially meeting Chris Paul personally I know he’s going to make Diamond better and I wish nothing but the best for my big bro.

Stewart: What’s your favorite game you’ve ever played in?

Poole: Hmmmm. My 7th grade year i played in a game that went into six overtimes against the Ray Allen Select.

Stewart: What’s the most points you’ve ever scored in a game?

Poole: 43 points.

Stewart: Who’s your favorite NBA player?

Poole: D’Angelo Russell, Devin Booker, and Rudy Gay.

Stewart: What’s your favorite shoe to play in?
Poole: Kyries easily. Oh my god the best shoe ever.

Stewart: If you could rock any jersey, throwback or current player, whose jersey are you going to wear?

Poole: Wow I have like 6 jerseys so that’s tough. Either the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Bel Air Academy #14 jersey, or a 1996 Phoenix All Star Michael Jordan jersey. I love throwbacks.

Stewart: Who’s the better dancer? You, or Russell Westbrook?

Poole: What! Me of course. (laughs)

Stewart: Alright final question. What music are you listening to before games to get you in the zone?

Poole: I usually change between violin music, Drake, or SZA/Disclosure/Flume. Not the typical music.

Jordan Poole will be playing his senior season at La Lumiere High in LaPorte, Indiana, and will then be enrolling at Michigan in 2017. As of this posting, he is the only 2017 commit for Michigan.



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