Wisconsin Sitdowns: Jordan McCabe Part 2


Jordan McCabe is a standout basketball player for Kaukauna High School who started his senior year earlier this month. He will play basketball at West Virginia starting next year and just finished up a successful summer on the Under Armour Circuit.

Alex: So I think I have to start with the question on everyone’s mind with the Durant scandal, how many Twitter accounts do you have?

Jordan: Just one…. That the public knows of…

Alex: *laughs* Can you discuss your recruitment a bit and how you ended up committing to West Virginia?

Jordan: Well the three big things for me after education are: Style of play, Coach, and Connections to next level and I think Huggins checks all 3 boxes there. I really want to play an up and down style of play and that is West Virginia to me.

Alex: I think West Virginia doesn’t get enough love nationally, I’ve heard people ask why you are going there and it seems like Huggins isn’t appreciated in the Midwest.

Jordan: *laughs* I know what you are saying, he is one of the winningest active coaches nationally, but people still seem a little confused when I tell them I am going to West Virginia.

Alex: So you talked a little bit about what West Virginia brings to you, but what do you bring to West Virginia?

Jordan: Aside from the traditional point guard things like leadership, I would say the chip on my shoulder. A lot of guys there share that with me where they were under recruited or under rated and feel slighted, so they work harder as a result. When you watch a West Virginia game the main takeaway is: wow they play hard. That is a big part of why I want to be there.

Alex: I think most people understand the time commitment of high school basketball, but can you explain how busy the last summer was for you?

Jordan: I think last summer I was in Kaukauna 13 days, between camps and tournaments I was just around basketball constantly. I play for the Playgrounds Warriors and this summer that meant playing on the Under Armour circuit which plays like a league, a couple of events all leading up to a tournament in Vegas. I also went to the Under Armour All American camp and went to Australia with Jason Otter Basketball. I am incredibly thankful for everything I get to experience through basketball.

Alex: No disrespect to Wisconsin players, but how has a summer like that helped you grow your game playing against some of the best players night in and night out all summer?

Jordan: Well I think you hit the nail on the head, I get the opportunity to not only compete against the best players in the nation, but also practice with them. To get to know them as people and learn alongside them.

Alex: After a summer like that what are your goals for your senior season?

Jordan: I want to win another State title, to be there with your teammates is unlike any other experience. To have done it once is something special, but I really want to get back to Madison and do it again. We put in more hours than anyone else in the state and I am comfortable saying that because of how hard we work. We start doing two a days early on and I know how much effort all of my guys put in. I know our coaches work harder than anyone else as well and with how last year ended, we just want to get back to the state tournament.

Alex: Speaking of Wisconsin basketball talent, there is quite a lot of it, especially considering this will always be considered a football first state.

Jordan: The key to that is that this is a blue collar state, like I mentioned the chip on my shoulder earlier it drives us all to work harder. When you play against other Wisconsin guys compared to guys from other states you notice it. Wisconsin basketball players play hard on both ends.

McCabe will try and bring another title back to Kaukauna,this year before heading to Morgantown to start his collegiate career.

Alex: So who are some of the guys in the 2018 class from Wisconsin that really stand out to you?

Jordan: Well, I think you have to start with the pride of Wisconsin and the golden boy Tyler Herro. He is the best scorer in the state and in my opinion one of the best in the nation, a great guy and someone that a fanbase can really rally behind. He is constantly working to improve his game, I’ve known him forever and I think Wisconsin fans will love him.

Then you’ve got Joey Hauser, I’ve known the Hauser’s family forever, Sam and Joey are both great guys and well I’ve heard some knock Joey for picking Marquette and staying home. People don’t get that Krzyzewski was knocking down his door and he could’ve gone just about anywhere in the nation. He is extremely talented.

There is also Tyrese [Haliburton] who committed to Iowa State last week, he plays in the FVA so it is pretty cool to see another guy from the FVA, my conference going to a high major program, because I think the FVA is the best conference in the state. There are so many talented players and it is good to see us get recognition.

Alex: That is pretty neat that you will play him twice annually in college after playing him twice every year in high school. Any other guys standout?

Jordan: Well there are guys like Keshawn Justice and John Diener who are immensely talented guys. I could really go on forever since I’ve played with or against most of the top guys at some point.

Alex: Fair enough, how about 2019 guys that stand out to you?

Jordan: One guy from 2019 would be Nobal Days, I haven’t played with him, but everyone I have heard from speaks to how much he has improved his game. After starting the year in 16u, he played up and played 17u EYBL. That is not an easy thing to do, but he was able to do it and do it well.

Alex: And I know you have a few guys in the 2020 class from Wisconsin that have impressed you.

Jordan: Well as I mentioned earlier I played for the Playground Warriors and our 15u team was loaded, and I’ll reiterate I think we are the best AAU organization in Wisconsin the way our coaches and players work. In 2020 we had guys like Jalen, Jamari, Terrence, the Madsens, just talent up and down the roster.

Alex: What can you say specifically about Jalen, since I know you two were the most prominent Playground players this year nationally.

Jordan: Jalen is insanely talented, could be the best player ever from Wisconsin. I spent a lot of time with him this summer and even though he is half a foot taller than me, he will always be my little bro. He is just getting started and he will show the nation what he is capable of soon.

Alex: Last question, the shot clock is coming to WIAA, how do you feel about that?

Jordan: I actually have had a lot of people ask this, I don’t think it would have effected how we play at all. Everyone knows that we play a fast paced offense, few passes and get up a shot. I am happy that certain people will have to change the way they win games, I personally don’t think anyone enjoys a game in the low thirties. I am not going to state names, but they know who they are. I think this change benefits everyone.


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