It’s that time of summer where the sports world is at a lull. Baseball is a month or two away from crunch time and there’s no basketball, no hockey, and worst of all, no football. BUT, fear not Packer fans, even though there’s no football going on, something big just happened in the world pertaining to the sport. The Madden 20 ratings just dropped a couple weeks ago and let’s just say I’m not particularly fond of how they rated some of the Green Bay stars. Before we get talking about the big guy, Aaron Rodgers, I have a few notes on some of the other Green Bay Players Madden rated. 

First, the Madden team nailed Mr. David Bahktiari’s rating, giving him a 97 overall. This makes him the highest-rated tackle on the game which makes sense considering year after year, he’s an absolute monster on the field. 

Another player I am actually happy about is defensive tackle, Kenny Clark, who owns a 90 overall rating. I’ve been saying it for the past two years that Kenny Clark is one of the most underrated interior line-man in the league but his 90 overall proves that other people are beginning to realize his dominance. Clark is rated above guys like Chandler Jones and Deforest Buckner. I’m just glad Clark is getting the recognition he deserves as a top D-Tackle. 

Not everybody on the Packers got the rating they deserved, one of the players being Aaron Rodgers, but I’m not ready to talk about him yet. The first player with a bad rating that I want to talk about is starting running back, Aaron Jones. Last season, Aaron Jones led the ENTIRE NFL in yards per carry on a respectable 133 carries. Meanwhile, Madden 20 has him ranked as the 34TH BEST running back behind guys like Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson, and Austin Ekeler. Heck, Aaron Jones is even ranked behind Jerrick McKinnon who didn’t even play a snap last year. I’m not saying Aaron Jones should be a top-rated running back but at least put him in the middle of the pack. 

The next guy I want to talk about is Blake Martinez. I don’t have much to say other than he is an 82 overall when he should be closer to the 85-88 range. Blake is a tackling machine who always ranks near the top of the league in total tackles. Now, before we get to my beef with Aaron Rodgers’ rating, there’s one more player I want to get into and that’s Davante Adams. At 92, Adams has a very good rating and is the 9th best wide receiver according to Madden. However, if you have been following Davante Adams’ career you know that he’s the 5th best receiver in the league at worst. There’s no way that guys like Stefan Diggs and Adam Thielen should be rated above him. This year’s Madden rating is just slightly disrespectful to Davante Adams. 

On last year’s edition of Madden, Aaron Rodgers was rated 99, which is the very best rating any player can receive. On this year’s edition, Aaron Rodgers has dropped an enormous 9 points and is a 90 overall. This puts him as the 7th ranked quarterback on the game behind Mahomes, Brady, Rivers, Brees, Luck, and Wilson. Are you kidding me? The most talented quarterback of ALL-TIME isn’t even a top-5 quarterback on Madden? I definitely disagree. If he was ranked right under Mahomes and Brady, then I wouldn’t have a gripe. I mean, he’s just above Matt Ryan and all football fans can agree Rodgers is the far better quarterback. Even though Rodgers has continued to put together amazing seasons, this Madden rating just proves that the over-criticism of Aaron Rodgers’ is going to continue throughout the 2020 season. 

Having a 90 overall makes him tied as the third-best player on the Packers according to Madden but every Green Bay fan would agree that Rodgers is the best and most valuable asset to the team. The reasoning behind this snub was somewhat explained by Madden’s gameplay designer, Andre Weingarten, in an interview conducted by’s, Zach Frydenlud. In the interview, Weingarten said Rodgers’ rating has rapidly declined because “Rodgers has been kind of taking a downhill slope the past three years.” The past three years? I get he was hurt two years ago but that hasn’t stopped Rodgers from putting up MVP-like numbers over the last three. In fact, in his last three seasons, he has played in 39 games which is an average of 13 per year. Throughout that time frame, Rodgers had completed 64.2% of his passes for 270.4 yards per game. He has averaged 27 touchdowns per season and only 5 interceptions for a QBR of 100.3. These numbers have given him a three-year AV of 38 which is actually higher than Andrew Luck’s, who if you remember is rated higher than Rodgers in Madden 20. Looking at the numbers, I just can’t buy the idea that Rodgers has been on a decline. 

Even though I’m not happy with Aaron Rodgers’ Madden 20 rating, the good news is that the ratings are very fluid throughout the season. If Rodgers puts up numbers like he’s projected to do in the new Matt LaFleur offense, there’s no reason Rodgers can’t end the season with an overall of 99 holding the NFL’s best quarterback rating going into Madden 21.


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