Davante Adams – Number One Receiver?


Coming into this season, Packer fans all around the world were anticipating the return of Jordy Nelson to help “save the offense” If someone were to tell you that 12 weeks into the season that Davante Adams would be the one doing the saving, you would be thinking about how funny that person is. But as the Packers sit here in week 13, that preseason joke is reality. Davante Adams has stepped up more than Green Bay could have anticipated and has been a huge weapon for the offense this season.

This season Adams has put up numbers to make his case for being the Packers superstar receiver of the future. Adams has 58 catches for 776 yards, 13.4 yards per catch, and 8 touchdowns on the season. All of those numbers are career highs for Adams, and there is still five games left on the season. Using his good size and speed, combined with his precise route running, he has been able to create separation and be a reliable target for Aaron Rodgers. While in years passed Adams has dealt with major drop issues, this season making difficult and easy catches has been where the third year wideout has stepped up in a big way. Adams has a 67.4 catch percentage this season and when you compare that to Jordy Nelson’s 56.5% you realize just how reliable Adams has been.

Against Philadelphia on Monday night, Adams made some huge plays in the first half to help set the tone for Green Bay and was giving the Eagles secondary fits. 

While Rodgers throw was incredible, Adams showed great concentration here and in years passed likely would have dropped this ball. These are the plays that earn the trust of Aaron Rodgers. These are the plays Green Bay was looking for last season from Davante.

This is where Adams really shines compared to other Packers receivers. His route running is by far the best on the team and at the line he can beat almost any corner in the league. His footwork turns the corner around and gives him the advantage immediately. This came on a huge late game play that all but sealed the game for the Packers. It showed that in a big moment, Adams can step up and make a play when no one else is able too.


Throw it up and let him go get it. It’s something that Rodgers used to do with Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, and James Jones. But since last season that big play has been missing. When the defense is in man coverage, Adams can do this every time with his speed, and like previously mentioned his great footwork. You can guarantee any chance the Packers get with Adams in man for the remainder of this season, Rodgers will recognize it and there will be a big play coming.

Jordy Nelson leads the team in targets, catches, and touchdowns because he is Rodgers’ number one target. Rodgers waited an entire year for his favorite receiver to be on the field again and his favoritism has shown this season. On plenty of occasions Rodgers has forced throws to Nelson when there has been guys open in other areas of the field. Nelson will continue to have the most targets as he is the number one guy on the depth chart, but with his consistency in making big plays Davante Adams is building that trust that is so important to Rodgers. Coming down the stretch the Packers are playing in some very big games and are going to need some big plays to help win them. Davante Adams will be there and will be getting open with his crisp route running down field and is going to be a big part of the Packers trying to “run the table”


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