Draft Profiles: Gareon Conley


Out of The Ohio State University, Gareon Conley had to fill the shoes of current Giants cornerback Eli Apple. Conley stepped up big time for the Buckeyes, starting every game after Apple left, receiving an honorable mention All-Big Ten in 2015, and finished off his career as a second All-Big Ten choice in 2016. With the Packers horrendous Pass Defense, an upgrade is needed desperately, and Conley could be a great addition, and he can make an immediate impact on the Packers.

What are his strengths?

At 6’ tall and 195 pounds, Conley has great size when compared to other cornerbacks in the league. Conley is the definition of the ‘No Fly Zone’ due to the fact that during his time at Ohio State, he only allowed 37 percent of passed directed towards him to be completed. Conley also demonstrates exceptional speed, with his 4.44 40 yard dash, he is able to keep up with receivers with his feet instead of grabbing on to them, causing pass interference calls. Conley can also play zone coverage really well, which fits in nicely with the style of a Dom Capers defense. Lastly, Conley is great at covering the sidelines, which makes it difficult for opposing quarterbacks to throw deep passing routes.

What are his weaknesses?

Conley has been known to not turn around when the ball is coming in his direction, in college that is ok, but in the NFL it’s considered ‘face guarding.’ Conley will have to be able to break this habit in order to become a successful corner in the NFL. Conley is not the greatest at run support either, but with hard work and determination, Conley can fix those issues and become an all star cornerback.

When will he be drafted?

Conley is expected to be gone after day one of the draft, but stranger things have happened, although Conley is considered a top five corner in the draft class for this year.

Where does he fit on the Packers?

With time and development, Conley could become a number one corner on the Packers. If the Packers decided to draft him, he could make an immediate impact in the secondary behind Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins. Switching Rollins back to a Nickel cornerback could make Conley the number two corner so he can use his strengths and cover a sideline. Lastly, Conley could be a great addition to a lackluster special teams, either as a return man or a gunner.


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