The Green Bay Packers lost to the Ravens, 26-13, in their second preseason game on Thursday night. Since it’s the preseason I’m not worried about the score but I’m more focused on who stood out in terms of plays made on the field. Thursday, it was fan favorite, Jake Kumerow, out of Whitewater, Wisconsin who looked like he could be a real threat when the regular season starts. 

Kumerow ended the night with 3 catches for 52 yards on 5 targets. His first catch was a result of a perfectly ran slant route where he beat 11-year veteran, Brandon Carr, for 14 yards. On the very next play, Kumerow ran the best route of the night when he faked an inside post route and kicked back outside for a 22-yard sideline catch. On this play, Kumerow was able to make Marlon Humphrey, who is one of the best corners in the NFL, look silly in a 1-on-1 battle. On his final catch of the night, Kumerow went straight through the middle of the field and caught the ball for a 16 yard gain. 

He only had 3 catches but Jake Kumerow showed two skills that translate well no matter the situation. The ability to run crisp routes and the ability to fearlessly catch the ball in the middle of the field is what sets Kumerow apart from the competition. Both of these skills can make Kumerow very effective, especially when he’s playing with Aaron Rodgers. After having a good summer, two solid preseason games, and reports that Rodgers loves Kumerow as a target, it is almost a lock that the beloved wide receiver makes the regular season roster.


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