Last minute Packers 7-Round Mock Draft



The first day of the NFL Draft is only a few hours away, and after much speculation my final picks are in. There a few guide lines for my mock. Although, there has been talk of the Packers trading up in the first round to get one of the blue-chip players that may fall out of the top 5 due to a run on quarterbacks, I will not be making any trades in this mock draft. I also made my picks with what I think will happen and who may be available. So, this will not be one of those mocks where the best possible outcome happens.


Round 1, Pick 14: Edge, Marcus Davenport, UTSA

The Packers need an edge rusher and elite edge rushers rarely make it to free agency. It comes down to Landry or Davenport. At first, I was on the Landry train but thinking it over even if Davenport isn’t a complete prospect, how often are players with his potential available for the Packers to draft? He may end up being the next Demarcus Ware, small school guy that blows up in the NFL. Davenport has the potential to be a staple of the Packers new defense for years. The Packers should not pass up the chance to draft a 6’6”, 260-pound player that runs 4.5.


Round 2, Pick 45: Corner, Isaiah Oliver, Colorado

Now to our biggest need in the draft. I could have touched on this in the first round but unless Ward was available at 14, I’m not in love with any other of the players available there. Oliver is about to become the fourth member of an excellent secondary from Colorado to be drafted in the last wo years. Depending who you ask, he may be the best of all four. Standing over 6 feet and running in the 4.5’s, Oliver checks all the preverbal boxes when it comes to height and weight makeup. Next to Kevin King, the Packers could have two tall corners to bully the NFC North for the foreseeable future.


Round 3, Pick 76: Tight End, Ian Thomas, Indiana

I’ve seen reports of Ian Thomas being a surprise first round pick. I personally do not believe Thomas will be selected on day one, but I do see him going on day two. He is an athletic tight end prospect that hasn’t reached his full potential, like most tight ends coming out of college. Thomas also had a formal meeting with the Packers at the combine. The Packers did sign Jimmy Graham to a very lucrative contract this year but other than that the tight end spot is rather barren with Lance Kendricks showing next to nothing last year.


Round 4, Pick 101: Wide receiver, Equanimeous St. Brown, Notre Dame

Equanimeous is more than just a man with an amazing name. He is a very intelligent athlete that is fluent in four different languages, French, German, Spanish and English. Impressive as that is, he is also a fantastic athlete, standing 6’5” and running 4.48. Equanimeous had a great sophomore season leading many to believe he would have a break out season in his junior year, unfortunately for him he lost his starting QB that just happens to be newly acquired Packer, Deshone Kizer, to the draft. Although, some of the burden of a lack luster year can be put on lack of good quarterback play, some have speculated that Equanimeous didn’t give 100 percent effort in his Junior year.


Round 4, Pick 133: OT, Toby Weathersby, LSU

I know waiting till late in the fourth round for offensive tackle is risky considering the health of Brian Bulaga but I wasn’t confident taking any of the prospects I would believe to be available in rounds 3 and 4. At least the Packers do have a good history of drafting offensive linemen in the later rounds. Weathersby is a good prospect as well, he is an experienced right tackle and was used at both tackle spots allowing him to be a swing tackle if need be when Bulaga returns.


Round 5, Pick 138: LB, Fred Warner, BYU

Not sure if the Packers will truly ever get the shot to have an elite Linebacker in the middle of the field but maybe we can have another Blake Martinez. Fred Warner is a tall linebacker prospect that’s drops into coverage well, some even saying he may be a better safety than linebacker. The grades on Warner are also a bit erratic, from second round  grades to sixth round. I’m a fan of him lasting to day 3, so we can get a young athletic linebacker with a chance to develop.


Round 5, Pick 172: Corner, Holton Hill, Texas

Corner is our biggest need and although we did apply some tape to the leaky faucet with the Williams and House signings, Packers front office needs to do their best to give Mike Pettine a cupboard of young talented corners to mold into starting quality players. The biggest knock on Holton Hill is his maturity, some saying he is a round 2 or 3 guy but won’t be taken there because you can’t trust him. I’m over looking that for the sake of value. He is favorably compared to Kevin King, as Holton stands only 1 inch shorter and runs just 6 hundredths of second slower.


Round 5, Pick 174: RB, Kalen Ballage, Arizona State

Ballage is a fantastic athlete and offers the Packers a different type of running back. Standing 6’2”, running 4.46 and clocking a 3-cone drill in 6.92 is fantastic but Ballage biggest knock comes from lack of vision. I do think Ballage can thrive as red zone threat or change of pace back to Arron Jones.


Round 6, Pick 186: LB, Jack Cichy, Wisconsin

3 Sack Jack is staying in Wisconsin. Most fans know the story of Cichy so far, he is a former University of Wisconsin walk-on that fought for a scholarship. He is also famous for having 3 sacks in a row against USC in the Holliday bowl in 2015. Unfortunately, Cichy has missed a lot of time due to injury and takes more digging then other prospects to get some game film on.


Round 6, Pick 207: Tight End, Tyler Conklin, Central Michigan

Conklin is not the biggest or fastest tight end in the draft, but he is good blocker and former basketball player that teams love in the NFL now. May take a few years to contribute but so do most drafted tight ends.


Round 7, Pick 232: Corner, Christian Campbell, Penn State

Did I mention corner is our biggest need? Campbell is another raw prospect with great height for the corner spot. He wasn’t able to participate in the NFL Combine due to injury but did participate in Penn States pro day, logging a 41” vertical jump and a 11-foot-3 broad jump.


Round 7, Pick 239: WR, Antonio Callaway, Florida

Antonino Callaway is graded as a top 5 receiver in this draft, the reason he may or more likely should be available here are the character concerns. First there was the sexual assault allegations, that were later dismissed as he revealed he was “so stoned’ that he did not want to have sex with anyone. Then there was the fact that he did not play in 2017 because he and a few were involved in a credit card fraud scheme. Now as of finishing up this article at 3 A.M. the night before the draft, Callaway has admitted to smoking marijuana weeks before the combine which led to a diluted sample. However, you may feel about the use of marijuana, this is not a good sign due to the fact it is against the rules in the NFL and many talented players have been suspended due to failing urine tests. For the last of the Packers picks it may be worth the risk, maybe a change of scenery and leaving the south east region of the U.S. will change his ways.


Final thoughts

Well, I hope you enjoyed my mock draft and can understand this is not a science and that having 12 picks and new GM adds a lot of variables to the mix that makes it near impossible to predict. I personally would love if we came away with these picks as I am confident this takes care of most of our needs while also adding talent to key positions. Hope you have a fantastic day! Go! Pack! Go!


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