Martellus Bennett: A Creative Journey

There are a plethora of characters and personalities in the NFL. Some players are looking to be the next viral soundbite, some stay low and hide from the spotlight, and some want to bring change. After those, there’s Martellus Bennett. Bennett is in his own bubble, he doesn’t fit any labels, and that’s exactly how he wants it. I’ll be honest, when Bennett played for the Bears I wasn’t a fan. I don’t really think I even remember why other than the fact that he wore that blue and orange. When the news broke that Martellus Bennett was coming to Green Bay, none of that mattered. He was a part of the family now.  Coming off of a Super Bowl win, it’s clear that he still wants more. Before his signing though, all l I knew about him was that he was a talented tight end, and that he was a little fiery on the field.  Or the practice field. He made headlines in 2014 when a practice video got out; it was an outburst including former teammate Kyle Fuller.

Even before that he had a reputation for being a difficult player to deal with during his years in Dallas. He never really found his groove there, and after four seasons it was time for a change. His one season in New York was when he really started to blossom as an NFL tight end. Since that season he’s only grown as a player. He had a very good first season in Chicago and an amazing season in the next year in 2014. That year he went on to be a Pro Bowler and everyone knew what Marty B was capable of.  Bennett’s time in Chicago would come to tumultuous end, however. He was very critical of their staff and players, so he went on to find a new home. The new home would prove to be the best decision he could have made. He decided to play with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Filling in for an injured Rob Gronkowski, Bennett became a favorite target for Mr. Brady. Marty went on to be a crucial cog in the Patriots machine as they would go on to win yet another Vince Lombardi Trophy.

On the field, the Packers know what they are going to get. Someone who loves to compete and isn’t afraid to hit or talk back. A great run blocker on top of being a receiving threat is a fantastic and essential combination for the Green Bay offense. The 6’6” tight end is going to be someone Aaron Rodgers will always have his eye on. It’s not a stretch to say that Bennett is the best tight end that Aaron Rodgers has gotten a chance to play with, and with Lance Kendricks, the best tight end corps as well. The former pro bowler, Bennett, is going to be an improvement over the tight ends last season. I’m not taking anything away from Jared Cook but Bennett being the better blocker will give him the edge. Bennett doesn’t have the speed Cook had, but Marty is possibly the hardest tight end to bring down in the NFL. When Aaron gets him the ball, and he will, look out.

All of that is great, but it’s important for Packers’ fans to know that’s not what fuels Martellus Bennett.

Even if you take away his talent on the field, Martellus Bennett would have still found a way to make a difference in the world. Just one visit to his Instagram or his Twitter will tell you that. He preaches creativity and how important it is to be yourself. He started his own company, The Imagination Agency, they create content through books, apps, a website, and much more. Through this, he went on to write his own book, “Hey AJ It’s Saturday!” which has received much acclaim. The passion he shows for his cause is truly inspiring and something every Packer fan should take a look at.

Countless players have their own charities and causes that they fight for and every single one is as important as the other but Martellus Bennett’s is his own. It’s his own creation from his brilliant mind. NFL fans will remember the Kyle Fuller incident or maybe a colorful interview he gave and associate him with those moments. In reality, he should always be associated with The Imagination Agency, even more so than with an NFL team. Players that are willing to go these lengths to use their platform in the best way they can are truly admirable. His message is something that needs to be shouted from the rooftops and echoed for generations to come. Children need to know that there are limitless options for them, here are a couple quotes from Bennett and his Instagram:

Bennett recently ruffled some feathers when he made the following tweets:

“I hope All these young cats that are willing to die for the game of football find a higher purpose in life.”

“Look football is great but I ain’t dying for this s–t. Lol.”

There are two ways that one can take those tweets. The first being, he doesn’t have any heart and isn’t willing to put it all on the line for his team. Or second, that he has a future and a family to think about. People who actually believe the first take don’t truly understand Martellus Bennett. He’s going to give everything he can 100% of the time, but he also understands how dangerous the sport is. Most of his life is going to be after he is done with football. He has a family and an empire he wants to build with The Imagination Agency; he’s not going to risk it all.

We are extremely lucky to have a man like Martellus on this team. He’s only been a part of the team for a few months and it’s already been a special addition. If he had signed somewhere else, we wouldn’t be able to go on this creative journey with him. Now, we’re in it together. I encourage Packer fans and NFL fans from all over to get on board with The Imagination Agency.


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