Mike Daniels Comic-Con Fun

With the Packers training camp in motion, we look back at how one of the Packers best players spent their vacation time. Like Packers defensive end Mike Daniels getting in some cosplay action.
One not so secret fact about Mike Daniels, is that he is a die hard anime fan. He showed that love when he arrived at San Diego comic con last weekend dressed as a Naruto character. Just like Daniels the character he chose to portray was a powerful one, Raikage.
Mike Daniels didn’t show up alone, having his brother Sean with him, that plays football for a Philadelphia arena football league team, the Soul. Sean also got involved in the cosplay dressing as Killer B. The stepbrother of Daniels character.
“Anime can help me over come a lot of different things” Mike Daniels
I can relate to Mike because during my time in the Army I deployed and had binged the entire Naruto Shippuden series. Also bonded with a female with it and she later became my wife.
Mike Daniels has also shown love for Dragon Ball Z, with a red Dragon Ball Z scouter replica. Let’s hope he continues to be as powerful as the characters he cosplays as.
Overall it’s great to see Mike having fun and enjoying his time off. As he will have a long season ahead and a lot on his shoulders as the Packers look to turn around their defense.


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