NFC North Season Previews: Da Bears


In order to compete in the NFL, it is vital for a team to have a decent quarterback. It is vital if you want to be successful in a league that is now dominated by how many points you can score, rather than how much can you limit a team from scoring. For the Chicago Bears, it has been a struggle for them to transition into this new way to play football. For years, Chicago was known for their hellacious defenses, especially their teams in the 80’s, most notably, the ‘85 Bears, which were led by the likes of William Perry, Richard Dent, Mike Singletary, and their legendary Defensive coordinator, Buddy Ryan. That team absolutely dominated their competition, going 15-1, and capping off an incredible season with a Super Bowl victory.

Since then, it’s been downhill, except for a 2006 campaign that featured an appearance in Super Bowl 41. That team was also was led by another great Bears defense. Now that the NFL has transitioned into an offense-style league, the Bears are looking for a franchise quarterback to lead the way. The Bears front-office thought that man was Jay Cutler. Obviously that was not the case, as Packer fans have come to love Cutler for his horrendous style of play, and his abundance of interceptions thrown towards the Packers defense, some Packer fans jokingly say that Jay Cutler is their fourth favorite quarterback in Packers history, as he has thrown many great passes to the Packers over the years. But with the Jay Cutler experiment over in Chicago, insert a rookie from the University of North Carolina, Mitch Trubisky.

However, in the dumbest move in this years draft, the Bears moved up one spot to the 49ers number two overall pick, while giving up their number three spot and three more draft picks. Four picks to move up one spot in the draft is absolutely stupid move by Chicago even if Trubisky ends up being the franchise quarterback they hoped for.

For the near future, the Bears don’t look like much of a threat in the NFC North. While they have many young stars with bright futures, such as, running back Jordan Howard, cornerback Kyle Fuller, linebacker Leonard Floyd, and the aforementioned quarterback Mitch Trubisky, it won’t be enough to have much success in the NFC North this season. Sorry Bears fans, but hey, the last time a Chicago sports team went through a rebuild, you got a World Series championship, so at least you have that going for you.

Looking at the 2017 regular season schedule for Chicago, expect anywhere between two and five wins this season. Playing Cleveland and San Francisco might be the best games Chicago has a chance at winning, however, don’t be surprised if they snag a win against inconsistent teams in their schedule like, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Minnesota, and/or Detroit.

It will be another year with Chicago in the NFC North cellar, but at least the future looks bright in the Windy City.


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