Offensive Player of the Week: Week 3


Week three of the NFL season can be described in one word “upsets”, and lots of them this week. The Lions over the Patriots, Titans over the Jaguars and the Bills beating the Vikings were a few notable upsets this week in the NFL. Unfortunately the Green Bay Packers caught the upset bug as well falling to the Washington Redskins 31 – 17 on Sunday.

Out of all the teams that were favored to win, the Packers loss to the Redskins was probably the least surprising. I would have never guessed that the Bills would do what they did in Minnesota. (I thought that this years Bills were worse than last years Browns and would struggle to get more than 1 win this season)

Nevertheless it was deja vu for the Packers with another terrible roughing the passer call on Clay Matthews, poor defense (mainly in the secondary) and the Packers having opportunities to win the game but squandering them away with dropped passes and penalties. Unfortunately this time instead of getting the silver lining of a tie, the Packers came out of Washington with the loss.

As far as the Packers offense is concerned they looked sloppy and sluggish. As for Cream City Central’s Offensive Player of the Week, it was pretty hard trying to choose one player, so I went ahead and choose three.

Those three players that I are deserving of the Offensive Player of the Week are the Packers running backs Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones and Ty Montgomery. The reason why these three get the Player of the Week is because of their overall efficiency on offense and lack of mistakes.

The Packers starting the game playing from behind already does not bode well for the running backs, but the times where the backs were used they were effective in both the run and pass game.

The Packers running backs rushed for a combined 87 yards on 15 carries, which is an average of 5.8 yards a carry. Montgomery had 16 of the total yards on 4 carries, Williams had 29 on 5 carries and Aaron Jones had 42 yards on 6 carries. If the Packers can average 5.8 yards a carry and commit to the run the whole game I will be a very happy man.

It looks like Ty was the least effective in the run game, but still averaged a solid 4.0 yards a carry, and put his WR roots to good use catching 6 passes for 48 yards. This is the role that suits Ty best, when you have power runners like Williams and Jones Ty does not need to run the ball in-between the tackles.

Jones and Williams also slightly contributed to the passing game catching 3 total passes for 21 yards, but like I said their game revolves around playing inside the tackles and pass blocking.

The biggest parts that impressed me from this trio was their lack of mistakes, not fumbling the ball or dropping passes. Aaron Jones had a dropped ball with 1:48 left in the fourth, but admittedly that is a very tough catch for Jones to haul in as a RB. The drops by the receivers throughout the game were far worse, and considering he averaged 7 yards a carry, the only complaint I have is why did we not give the ball to Jones more?

In an overall sloppy and just plain hard to watch game, the run game looked very promising with their efficient use of run plays, to downfield pass blocking and their ability to catch short balls and create. It was a tough week, but still way too early in the season to hit the panic button.

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Author: Sawask00


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