Packers Day Two: Best Available Roundtable


After the Packers traded around in the first round and picking up an asset with a lot of upside in the Saint’s 2019 first round pick, Brian Gutekunst got his target in Jaire Alexander. Green Bay did give up it’s third round pick trading with the Seahawks to move back up to 18. The team currently sits with one day two pick, the 45th pick overall in the draft. Who could they target?

Brandon Valtierria:
Josh Jackson: A lot of fans wanted Josh Jackson early in the process before the combine. At the combine however, he was very bad in the movement drills and seemed to quit on a few of them. Which may have lead to him dropping out of the first round all together. Even though we selected Jaire Alexander in the first round, he may be better suited for slot early in his career and one thing I learned to believe is that you can not have too many quality corners.

Harold Landry: Arguably the Packers next biggest need behind corner going into the draft was edge rusher. The best available at the time before the trade back was Marcus Davenport. Since the Packers did take the opportunity to trade back, which I agree with considering the bounty they got, Davenport was snatched up by the Saints. Some believe the reason he fell out of round 2 was his smaller frame and lack of pass-rush moves other than his elite ability to bend. If the Packers can get Landry at pick 13, I would come out of day 2 happy even if they only manage one pick.

Quin Voet:
To me the Packers could go two ways especially at where they are drafting. Best case scenario Harold Landry is still available and if that happens, Gutekunst would be a certified genius. Landry is arguably one of the best pass rushers in the draft and he could immediately make an impact for the Packers on defense. Another route they could go is wide receiver as they need that and there can be some guys available. Courtland Sutton, a creamcitycentral favorite, would be my top pick. Many scouts had him over Ridley especially regarding potential and who else can fulfil a wide receiver’s potential better than Aaron Rodgers. He would be an excellent replacement for Jordy Nelson and him opposite of Addams would be a circus.

Kyle Hoffenbecker:

Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa

I really liked Jackson at first, he was a lock to go in the first round before the combine. Watching him at the combine was a bit disappointing, so I’m not surprised he has slipped out of the first round. Even though the Packers took a corner with the 18th pick, the secondary is not perfect by any means. Adding Josh Jackson takes pressure off Jaire Alexander and Kevin King. Jackson also adds depth to a secondary that needs it badly. He is arguably the best cover corner in the draft and is a bonafide ball hawk. Also, when the Packers draft players from Iowa it turns out pretty good (Mike Daniels, Bryan Bulaga, and Micah Hyde.)

Harold Landry, EDGE, Boston College

I was also a big fan of Landry. I’m more shocked that he slipped out of the first round compared to Jackson. He would add immediate depth to the front seven, which is the best part of the Packers defense. He is a proven force as a pass rusher, however, his skills defending the run are lackluster. However, with the number of players who can defend the run right now, I’m not worried about those skills at the moment. He would get to learn from some of the best players in the game. He would be able to get better defending the run. He has the potential, it’s just a matter of whether or not the Packers pull the trigger on him.

Andrew Flegel:

Will Hernandez, G, UTSA

Hernandez was projected to go around the Packers’ original draft slot in the first round. With Kyle Murphy, Jason Spriggs, and possibly Jahari Evans lining up at guard, the Packers could use a higher round guy to keep #12 off his back.

Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa

Honestly, I thought he was the guy the Packers traded back into the first round for instead of Alexander, but I love the idea of getting both. For the fans calling out for the defensive backfield, this should satisfy them.

Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia

Chubb is the second best running back in the draft next to Barkley. He would be the immediate starter in Green Bay even with Williams and Jones having solid portions of seasons. Chubb is big, fast, and strong. Is there anything else you can ask from your back?

Reid Mueller:

Courtland Sutton: The Packers need a wide receiver. They have some talent in their farm system, but pulling in a Courtland Sutton would make me shut up about Dez Bryant. He’s big and physical, just like the ex-Cowboys star receiver. He can run over defenders, something the Packers need to add to their offense. Having a skills player that’s tough to bring down could open a lot of options for Aaron Rodgers and the coaching staff. Sutton didn’t have the most difficult schedule at SMU, and didn’t breakout against his best opponents, but Lebron James makes Kyle Korver dangerous. Aaron Rodgers is the NFL’s Lebron.

Isaiah Oliver: The Packers have already addressed the cornerback position, but attempting to retool the defense starts there. Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine needs as much young talent as possible. Oliver has a lot of talent. If they acquired Oliver (I imagine they would need to trade up), it puts them in a very similar situation as the Demarious Randall, Quinten Rollins draft. It wasn’t a bad plan in 2015, it had all the potential to work. Colorado has been producing top end talent in the secondary since Mike MacIntyre took over in 2012. Always trust the new cornerback-CU. The talent is absolutely there, like almost every prospect, it’s just a matter of him putting it together on a new stage.  

Here’s to hoping Brian Gutekunst stays hot on day two.



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