Packers Draft Profiles: Jaire Alexander


The Packers have a lot of issues defensively, none greater than their secondary. Drafting a corner or two is a must for new GM Brian Gutekunst in his first draft at the helm. One of those CB’s that would be a great fit in Green Bay is Jaire Alexander from the University of Louisville.

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A knee injury last year caused him to miss four games, and a broken hand caused him to miss two more. If it weren’t for that, more people would be talking about him as a first round pick. He had a great showing at the combine. For starters he ran a 4.30 forty. Scouts say he did his work in the field drills. He showed tremendous footwork, fluid movements, and made coverage drills look effortless. At 5’11 and weighing about 200 lbs, Alexander has pretty good size for a corner. People may be concerned about his 5’11 size, but he can make up some of that with a 35 inch vertical. He is a very tough competitor and a willing tackler. During his time in college, he showed a lot of playmaking ability on special teams, in particular on punt returns.

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Durability concerns are the main thing that will most likely keep Alexander from hearing his name called on night one of the draft. He missed a total of six games last year with knee and hand injuries. A knock of his play on the field is that he has a tendency to get a little handsy.

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When will he be drafted?

Like I said before, if it weren’t for the injury concerns, Alexander would definitely be a first rounder. Unfortunately, durability is something NFL teams take into consideration, so Alexander will likely be a second round pick. If he can stay healthy, the team that takes him will get a top 20 player.

How does he fit the Packers?

He fits the Packers well. He is very fast and as we all know the Packers are regularly one of the slowest teams in the NFL. The Packers are desperate for good corners, and if they can find a way to grab this guy with their second pick, it would be a huge win for them. Assuming he is healthy, he would contribute to the team that drafts him right away.


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