Packers Draft Week: 3rd Roundtable


The draft is one day away, and we continue our input on potential picks over the next few rounds. We’ll also be posting a “Best Available After Day One” following the first round on Thursday, as well as a player profile for whomever the Packers add to the roster. For now, let’s focus on round three.

Ben Bitter:
Round 3 – Lorenzo Carter, LB, Georgia

I’d like the Packers to go Offensive Line here, but with how the draft pool will probably shake out, I don’t think taking a lineman here makes sense without it seeming like a stretch. Given Clay Matthews age, it might be time to look towards the future at OLB. Lorenzo Carter is a big talent from Georgia who has good size and good numbers in one of the strongest conferences in college football. He has good edge speed which creates problems for Running Back’s who think they have the clear. He could use some work in the weight room, but our Linebacker core isn’t in desperate need of immediate help, so we can afford to wait for this talent. If he drops, he is the pick, otherwise Dorance Armstrong Jr. would be suitable as well.

Jed Lyneis:
Round 3: Equanimeous St. Brown (WR-Notre Dame)

I think the Packers will draft St. Brown at pick 76. I mostly want the commentators to say his name over and over again as Aaron Rodgers throws him touchdown after touchdown. This prospect is going to be a force in the league. He stands a tall 6’-5” and also has the speed of a cheetah (4.48 40time). This kind of target is exactly what the Packers are looking for at WR. However at this point in the draft, don’t be surprised if Guntekurst pulls a Thompson and trades back to have the entire 4th round.

Andrew Flegel:
Round 3: Simmie Cobbs Jr., Indiana, WR (6’3”, 220 lbs)

Cobbs is an absolute monster of a receiver.  His size alone warrants a selection as he was able to use his physicality to win jump balls over corners who are typically smaller.  Cobbs is on the slower end as a receiver, however, as he only ran a 4.64 second 40 yard dash in the combine. The speed along with missing his sophomore year with injury has hurt his draft stock, but whoever picks up Cobbs is getting a Devin Funchess type of receiver which is a solid comparison in the NFL.

Reid Mueller:
3rd Round: Nick Nelson, CB, Wisconsin

In the third round, I think the Packers will draft Nick Nelson from your very own Wisconsin Badgers. Nelson may be slightly underrated due to his lack of turnover production in college, but he led the league in pass breakups, and did a nice job of staying on his matchup’s hip. He may not have the athleticism to play on the outside in the NFL, but the Packers need a slot cornerback for the coming years.

The Badger to Packer promotion that Vince Biegel has enjoyed could become a regular sighting. With the hiring of Mike Pettine, the Packers have the defensive coordinator that mentored Jim Leonhard. It’s not going to be hard for the Packers to scout the Badgers impressive defense. It’s almost like having a top flight G-League team.

Ryan Timmerman:
Round 3: Shaquem  Griffin, OLB, Central Florida

Depending on who’s draft board you look at, this could be way too high for Griffin … or too low. But for me, the third round feels about right. The drawback here is obvious: the guy lost his left hand when he was a child. That’s not something that NFL teams want, exactly. But the Griffin has shown on tape he’s figured out how to succeed despite his unfortunate circumstance. He had 74 total tackles last season with seven sacks and an interception. The Central Florida product has also looked good in workouts. At 6’1″, 227 lbs., he’s shown to have the power and speed combination needed to flourish as an NFL edge rusher. He even started his career at UCF as a DB, so he even has experience in coverage and proved he’s got the wheels to match by running a 4.38 40-yard dash at the combine. Nobody really seems to know where Griffin will be picked, but there’s a case to be made that Griffin looked like one of the best athletes at the combine this year, regardless of position. The later in the draft you get, the more it becomes about finding value. But because Griffin is such an unprecedented prospect, it’s going to take a Moneyball-eyed type GM to see the value in getting Shaquem Griffin on a third-round rookie contract.



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