Potential Offensive Free Agent Targets for the Packers




The Packers don’t need nearly as much help on offense as they do on defense, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look to better the offense through free agency. First lets start with a couple of their own free agents they should keep.


  • Tight End Jared Cook – We all saw what he did against Dallas in the playoffs. He has the potential to be a top five tight end in the NFL, especially with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball. Cook missed a lot of time last year with an ankle, and we all saw the dynamic he brought to the offense when he was on the field. He will be 30 when the 2017 season starts. I would be surprised if Ted doesn’t resign him. Image via New York Post
  • Guard TJ Lang – I know Ted let a pro bowl guard walk last season in Josh Sitton and the offensive line didn’t skip a beat. Would the story be the same if the Packers let yet another pro bowl guard walk? The Packers had a top five offensive line in the entire NFL last year and it would be a shame to break that group up. Do I hope TJ is back? Absolutely. Do I think he will be? Unfortunately, no. Ted saw success last year with Lane Taylor, and I think he tries the same thing next season at the other guard spot. Image via Packers.com
  • Running Back Eddie Lacy – I have heard a lot of mixed opinions on Eddie, and I get it. He just doesn’t seem to take his job as NFL running back seriously. How else do you explain playing about 50 lbs over weight like he did in 2015? During an injury shortened 2016, I liked what I saw from Eddie. I think a two-headed monster of Eddie and Ty Montgomery would give this offense the balance it often lacks. I love Montgomery at running back, but not as a bell cow that gets 20 plus carrier a game. We have seen Eddie be that guy. Give him 20 plus carriers and sprinkle in 10-15 touches for Montgomery, look out.

Image via Fox Sports

  • Running Back Christine Michael – I don’t see Ted making the mistake of starting the season with only two running backs again. Michael would service as a very good third running back behind Montgomery and Eddie Lacy (assuming he resigns). Image via USA Today


There aren’t many significant offensive free agents from other teams that I could see the Packers showing interest in. There are a couple of guys that I think would be perfect with the Packers, but have little to no chance of winding up in Green Bay.


  • Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson – I know what you’re thinking. Why would the Packers want DeSean Jackson and everything that comes with him? Just hear me out. This Packers offense doesn’t have a home run hitter that takes the top off the defense. Jordy Nelson, while still a very good receiver, didn’t seem to be able to hit the home runs like he used to. Well DeSean could fill that void. Assuming they do something with Randall Cobb whether its get him to restructure or cut him completely, that could open up some extra money to help at the wide receiver position. At this point, I would rather have DeSean Jackson over Randall Cobb.

Image via Washington Post

  • Tight End Martellus Bennett – I know earlier I stated that the Packers should bring back Jared Cook, and I believe they will. I am a big fan of having two tight end threats. The New England Patriots are the model franchise, so why not try and emulate them? They usually always have two good tight ends (unless they’re injured or in jail for murder).   Jared Cook and Martellus Bennett would be a very good tight end duo and an obvious matchup nightmare for the defense. Will either of these happen? Most likely not, but hey, I can dream cant I?

Image via CBS Boston


The Packers will have about 44 million in cap space this offseason. If they can get 12, 18, and 52 to restructure, they could have even more. I really hope the rumors are true that the Packers will be more active in free agency. The Packers are not far from being a super bowl team; they just need a few players here and there.   Lets hope Ted expands his horizon and adds a few impact players that weren’t wearing Green and Gold last year.

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