Preseason Finale Roundtable


As part of a series of weekly pieces CCC has in store for Packer fans this season, I’d like to introduce you to the Next Day Recap. The weekly article will run the day after Packer games, giving multiple view points in one place.

The Packers head into week one of the regular season after making their cut down to 53 players. This week the CCC Packers staff share their reactions to the cuts and the preseason finale against the Los Angeles Rams.

Hunter Van Asten:

“Heading into 2017, the Packers have just two quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Brett Hundley, on the roster. This seemingly points to confidence in the health of Rodgers, however, Hundley’s performance this preseason has far from quelled the fears of fans as to what happens if Aaron goes down. Despite playing little more than a half of any game, Hundley took 11 sacks (which admittedly may have as much to do with the poor depth at offensive line as it does with his tendency to hold the ball and fail to escape pressure consistently) in four games and often looked skiddish in the pocket. He’s been a long way from consistent, though he has had his shining moments (see his impressive 13 yard rushing touchdown). It may not surprise many, but if Aaron goes down, so do our hopes of the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl.”

Reid(o) Mueller:

“Although the running back core didn’t get as many opportunities as expected, all three rookie draft picks (Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones, and Devante Mays) showed they can contribute. None of the three are perfect, but they all had the patients to allow the offensive line to open the field, and ran the ball hard.  Aaron Jones particularly piqued my interest after the draft due to his speed, thinking he could become a threat for the passing game. But he once again showed a strong base and a little power, allowing him to do more than simply leaking out as a drop down option for Rodgers.

It was hard to gauge the defense, outside of Josh Jones showcasing his talent, as the LA Rams aren’t a high powered offense, and neither are their under studies. The secondary had a nice outing, but consider the quarterback play wasn’t strong. A cause for concern was the lack of pressure the defensive front created, recording one sack. Thursday night was a test for the reserve outside linebackers, and the results look like opposing quarterbacks will have plenty of time in the pocket.

Perhaps the biggest impact the game had on the team, Kentrell Brice hurting his shoulder in punt coverage late in the game. The second year safety could be an X-factor for the defense, and that’s his second injury in four games.”

Gavin Jerg:

“The Packers cut down to their final roster after this weeks final preseason game. They
needed to trim down the roster to 52 in order to officially sign Ahmad Brooks to their roster. In the final preseason games people saw a lot of guys fighting for jobs and cuts this year seem especially tough. The Packers had 8-10 wide receivers that could easily be on an NFL roster and they also boast 4 solid quarterbacks. Clearly all of those guys will not make the roster and there will be some tough cuts to come. Receivers should be relatively easy, Nelson, Adams, Cobb, and Davis are locks. Personally I love Michael Clark, he has a lot of raw talent that could develop as he learns the game better, but right now if you’re the Packers, you try to store a guy like him on the practice squad and hope nobody claims him.

From what I saw during the final preseason game, the Packers are ready for the regular season and the opening matchup versus Seattle.”



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