Punting Problems?

In 2010, the Green Bay Packers signed Tim Masthay on January 15th, 2010. Originally signed as an UDFA by the Indianapolis Colts, Tim Masthay eventually made his way to Green Bay and played for the Packers for six seasons. In his first season with the Packers in 2010, he averaged 43.9 yards per punt. From 2011-2015, Masthay averaged 45.6, 43.5, 44.6, 44.1, and 43.9 yards per punt, averaging out a career 44.2 yards. To most fans’ and players’ surprise, Masthay was placed on waivers and released from the Packers during the pre-season in 2016.


After Masthay was released, the Packers then claimed Jacob Schum off of waivers, who previously played for Tampa Bay, and the New York Jets. In his only season with the Packers, Schum averaged 42.6 yards per punt, lower than any of Tim Masthay’s seasonal averages. Well on June 1st, the Packers also placed Schum on waivers and he is currently a free agent.

As it stands, the only punter that the Packers have available is Rookie Justin Vogel. It is highly likely that Ted Thompson will add two or even three more punters into the mix, just to spur up some competition, like he does every training camp. Justin Vogel went to high school at Berkley Prep, and eventually transferred from Florida to the University of Miami as a walk on in 2012. He red shirted in 2012 due to the fact—like most players, Vogel wanted an extra year of eligibility.

In his debut as a Sophomore in 2014 for the Miami Hurricanes, Vogel punted six times. He averaged 46.8 yards per punt, with the longest of the six going 56 yards. Not only did he punt, he handled kickoffs as well, averaging 64 yards with four kickoffs. In the NFL, Kickers like Stephen Gostkowski of the Patriots, averaged 63.6 yards per kickoff in 2017, where Mason Crosby of the Packers averaged 62.9 yards per kickoff. In his Sophomore year doing kickoffs, Vogel averaged 62.1 yards per kick, not far off from Mason Crosby.

In his Junior year, he averaged 42.5 yards per punt, which ended up putting him right in the middle of the mix in the ACC, at number six. He finished behind Cason Beatty of Florida State (45.2 yards/ punt) , Nicholas Conte of Virginia (44.7) , Riley Dixon of Syracuse (43.7) , Alexander Kinal of Wake Forest (43.5) , and Will Monday of Duke (43.5). When Vogel’s Senior year was over, he averaged 43.8 yards per punt, 1.3 yards more than his previous year, and he ended up finishing third in the ACC! In his Senior year he awarded second-team All-ACC honors. According to an NFL Scout, Vogel is a “Talented directional punter who is able to hand it near the numbers…one of the best in the nation at forcing fair catches”. He is an exceptional athlete on top of being a punter, running a 4.70 in the 40-yard dash, which is the fastest time out of all of the specialists in the draft.

Vogel isn’t a physically strong punter, that can boot the ball to set up great field position for the defense. He is however, an accurate one. This is something the Jacob Schum struggled with when he was the punter for the Packers in the 2016 season. Although he has not seen any action on a real NFL football field, Vogel has plenty of time to develop, and for the time being, settle in as the Packer’s punter.


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