Roundtable Recap: Week 10 Chicago


The Packers were able to get back on track, pushing their win total to 5-4, with a hard fought win in Chicago. The team lost key players to injury once again, but played well enough to at least pretend like we have a chance at a playoff run. Better than being a Browns fan, as always.

Reid Mueller:

The Packer pass rush finally took control of a game, finishing with a season high five sacks. Mitchell Trubisky can throw the football, but the defense was able to continually make him uncomfortable and stop the Bear running game. That’s what they needed to do to beat John Fox and his rookie quarterback.
Offensively, Green Bay lost key weapons Aaron Jones and Ty Montgomery for the afternoon, and very possibly much longer. McCarthy kept the play calling conservative, which made a lot of sense on a rainy day in Chicago. Coach did allow Brett Hundley to air it out in the important moments, and the third year quarterback stepped up to get his first win as a starter. The road to a potential playoff bid looks to be overwhelming with a bunch of good teams in the NFC, but we can keep hoping for another week.

Quin Voet:

The Packers overall played an impressive game on both sides of the ball. On defense, they did an excellent job at stopping the run, only limiting Jordan Howard to 54 rushing yards. They also did a great job at pressuring Mitchell Trubisky, with 5 total sacks, 3 of those coming from Nick Perry. When Trubisky wasn’t given time in the back field, he was forced to make bad throws that resulted in fourth downs. Offensively, they did a great job at controlling the clock by running the football successfully. Ty Montgomery had an early 37-yard touchdown where he was untouched and after he left with an injury Jamaal Williams ran for a tough 67 yards to close out the game. Mike McCarthy finally trusted his young quarterback and Hundley returned the favor by throwing two beautiful passes to Davante Adams. One for a touchdown, and another deep dime on third-down to close the game. That was the play calling many have been wishing for since Hundley’s been starting and they got some of that in a win.

Even though this was one of his better games, Hundley still looked very green. There were times when he men open but threw it away and one play where he had 15 yards of open field to run but he threw it away instead. Luckily for him he made big throws when it mattered and he had a great rushing attack to lean on. This was surprising because the Bears have one of the better defenses in the NFL compared to the Saints and Lions, whom Hundley struggled against. Trubisky had the best game of his career with 297 yards passing which is his high by 130 yards. When Trubisky did have time to throw from the pocket he found his receives wide open, including a 46 yard touchdown bomb to Joshua Bellamy.

Alexander Crawford:

Seeing Aaron Rodgers and Brett Hundley celebrate Hundley’s TD, was definitely the highlight of the game. Early on, the game had its ups and downs, but there was good and bad on both sides of the ball. The Packers defense stepped up today, which they needed to do without Aaron Rodgers and that high powered offense. The defensive pass rush looked strong and made plays.  A couple sacks from Nick Perry and Clay Matthews were the highlights on defense today. The run defense played well against Jordan Howard, which is hopefully a positive sign of things to come. Rookie Kevin King has continued to play well, and made plays, most noticeably the almost interception he had. The Packers are starting to develop a run game, whether it’s from Jones, Montgomery or Williams, which could alleviate some pressure from Brett Hundley. Jamal Williams stepped up, and had some plays where he just ran through people for extra yards. In the 4th quarter the whole offense stepped up. Brett Hundley looked great and made some solid throws and played smart football. The Packers took advantage of some mental errors from the Bears, and put together a great drive which ended with Hundley’s first touchdown pass to Adams. Brett Hundley also had a great pass to Adams right before the 2 minute warning. However the first 3 quarters weren’t all great.
Unfortunately, the offense looked bad most of the first 2.5 quarters, but did step up for the last quarter and a half. Early in the game the offense looked confused, and Brett Hundley looked lost. Hundley also struggled when the first option was not open, and he took sacks. Hundley didn’t look all bad in the 4th quarter. Hundley made some plays with his legs to convert third downs, made some safe solid passes to gain decent yards, and he made a great throw on his TD. If The Packers could play this well all 4 quarters, they could be a solid team before Rodgers comes back. The team also struggle to convert on 3rd down. Defensively the Packers have to start forcing turnovers. There were a few dropped interceptions in this game. The pass defense continues to be a thorn in the side of the Packers. They struggled, and give up big plays. The Packers are reaching a time where they need to seriously start discussion firing Dom Capers. Not only that, the Packers need to get defensive Help in free agency both on the line and in the secondary. Aaron Rodgers deserves a good defense. Overall, this was a solid game for the Packers, who looked like a whole different team in the second half. They made plays when they needed to, and stopped the Bears on their final drive to end the game. Hopefully this game will give Hundley, and the rest of the team, some much needed confidence, and the Packers continue to play well the rest of the season.


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