The NFL Draft, day two preview and predictions:



As usual, the Green Bay Packer’s draft pick took place later in the first round where they were awarded pick number 29. As the pick approached, it was little to no surprise to see Packers GM Ted Thompson trade back into the second round for an extra pick. He has been known to trade for extra picks. In 2005, Ted’s first year on the job as GM, he made three trades; acquiring five extra picks in exchange for letting one go later in the draft, a net gain of four picks. Not only does Ted Thompson have a knack for acquiring a lot of picks, but he also drafts the right players. In 2006 in trades with other teams he got a net gain of five picks, where he picked up OL Jason Spitz in the third round, and Johnny Jolly in the 6th round, respectively. From 2007 to 2010, Ted Thompson made nine more trades, acquiring over ten draft picks. A few standout players from these drafts include Jordy Nelson in the second round, Matt Flynn in the seventh, and Morgan Burnett in the third. From 2011 to 2015 Thompson made a total of eleven trade moves, which included Brett Hundley in the fifth round, Eddie Lacy in the second, David Bakhtiari in the fourth, and Jonathan Franklin also in the fourth round. It is clear that Ted Thompson is not afraid to make a move when he sees the trade as advantageous to the Packers organization.

With the Packers having the 33rd pick in the 2017 NFL draft tonight, there are many possibilities on the table. If Ted Thompson does decide to stay with the 33rd pick, it is most likely going to be a pick that he cannot pass on. If he does choose a player with the 33rd pick, it is most likely going to be a defensive player. Possibly Kevin King, a CB from Washington, Quincy Wilson, CB from Florida, or a defensive lineman similar to Chris Wormley from Michigan. On the offensive end, running backs such as Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, and D’Onta Foreman are still on the board. Ted Thompson is not predictable, and only those close to him may know what he is thinking on draft night. Last night (1st round of the draft) he was comfortable with losing T.J, Watt, OLB from Wisconsin, along with Reuben Foster, LB from Alabama. Green Bay was right there with draft pick number 29,and could have chosen either of these players, but Ted instead decided to trade into today and pick up draft pick number 108 which is the first pick on Saturday. With tonight, Ted Thompson is most likely going to trade back yet again to pick up a few more draft picks. With the Packers having the first pick of the second round on Friday, and the first pick on Saturday, it gives them an advantage. This allows them to take calls and offers by other teams, and is exactly what Ted Thompson wants. By all indications in his press conference Thursday night, and because of the draft being so deep with players, he is comfortable where he is. The draft tonight is going to be exciting; the Packers as of 3pm Central Time have picks number 33 (first of the second round), 61 in the second round, and pick number 93 in the third round.



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