Youngin’ of Week Four


Green Bay’s youth stood up again on a short week against the division rivals Chicago Bears. The Packers entered the game with significant injury issues, but the team’s depth managed to hold off the up and coming Bears team. Not a week too early, as it’s been reported by Adam Schefter the Bears will move on to Mitchell Trubisky against the Vikings. You must be happy with the Packers 3-1 start considering the circumstances.

Geronimo Allison: The week three hero didn’t get any opportunities to build off his game winning performance. The team played in a lot of extra protection formations, rarely allowing a fourth receiver on the field. He became the third receiver after Devante Adams was brutally knocked out of the game.  But at that point, the Packers were a couple of Rodgers to Cobb, Rodgers to Nelson connections away from taking a three touchdown lead, allowing them to run the ball and bleed the clock out.

Josh Jones: The other week three hero was up to his antics early, but was knocked out of the game in the first half with a back injury. He went to the sideline and threw him helmet, then headed towards the locker room. Luckily, he returned to the game and recorded three tackles. Back injuries can be played through, but that doesn’t mean he’s not feeling any pain. Hopefully the ten days off does him well. One note: I had a chiropractor tell me back injuries are easier to play through in football than basketball. I should also note that the chiropractor tried to crack my back as he pulled 75 percent of body off the table, so who knows.

Kevin King: The Packers top pick once again had his ups and downs. He didn’t hurt the team, along with recording two tackles. He gets his nose into piles at an impressive rate. Cornerbacks willing to put their body on the line are easy to get behind, but has a play or two each week so far where he just loses his edge. When that happens the receiver cuts into their route and creates a lot of space. He’s been very good so far, but he has big play written all over him. Many young players go through this, it’s not much of a concern for his career. Still, for a team trying to win a Super Bowl, something to keep an eye on.

Josh Hawkins: Eastern Carolina’s second year undrafted alum has earned the right to see the field with this Packers defense. He was a lockdown corner during the preseason against opposing teams back up receivers, and his success has continued into the regular season. Hawkins always seems to be on the hip of his matchup, with his head turned looked to stick his arm into the best spot to break the pass up. We’ll see what the Packers decide to do with Demarious Randall, but Hawkins is making his case to start.

Jamaal Williams: The go has been rough for the rookie running back out of BYU thus far. He has good physical tools, but just hasn’t seemed to be able to find running lanes. He always tries to get positive yards on the play, diving into the offensive line as soon as he gets the ball. The offensive line hasn’t seemed to open holes for him, so his report remains inconclusive. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a while, as he hurt his knee, to what extent is still unknown.

Kentrell Brice: Kentrell made it through the short week without picking up an addition injury, but dude did pick off an errant pass from Mike Glennon. The first interception of his career basically sealed the game for the Packers. It’ll be interesting to see who ends up getting more playing time throughout the season, Josh Jones or Brice.

Dean Lowry: Mike Daniels has been out since week two, and the defensive line has held up. Lowry finished the game with a tackle and a 0.5 tackle for loss. More importantly the Bears stud running backs never got going. Obviously, the Packers taking a significant lead helped, but when Chicago tried to run the ball, they didn’t have a route to take.

Kenny Clark: Deserves as much credit as Lowry. Clark reads running plays very well, holding his ground right where the offensive line hopes to create a hole for their running back. He’s only 21, and has made a huge leap from his rookie season, when he wasn’t creating any push.

Youngin’ of the Week:

Aaron Jones: With Ty Montgomery and Jamaal Williams both going down with significant injuries, the carries have a decent shot at belonging to Aaron Jones when the Packers play in Dallas on Sunday. The rookie out of UTEP looked great in the preseason, providing the top three biggest punches of the rookie running backs. He took advantage of his playing time on Thursday, scoring his first career touchdown deep in the redzone. Jones also continued his trend of putting his shoulders down and falling forward. He finished his debut with 49 yards on 13 carries. With his speed, I hope the Packers find a way to use him in the passing game in Dallas. Rodgers with a speed demon out of the backfield could open some gaps in the defense we haven’t seen in a while.


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