Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs


The defense and Dalvin Cook before his injury have really gotten the main attention in the sports world this season for the Vikings. The position and two guys who have been overlooked and are a huge reason they are 3-2 is the receivers, Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. Even with backup journeyman quarterback Case Keenum starting most of the games because Sam Bradford being injured this duo of receivers have been deadly to opposing defenses and coverage.

Diggs is out with a groin injury according to Chris Corso of but he could be a real headache when they play a second time on Christmas Eve.

Case Keenum has enjoyed statistically his best year of career so far thanks to his excellent receivers. Diggs and Thielen are both deadly on the outside because of their speed and deep threat ability. Opposing corners and safeties don’t have much opportunities for breaks because of the task of covering both guys on opposite sides. Diggs averages 17 yards per reception while Thielen averages 13.5 yards per reception so the numbers tell why. They are hard to beat on the outside and they are difficult to tackle once they do have the ball.

Diggs has posted an impressive 395 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns this season. Thielen has posted 392 yards but no touchdowns. Diggs has 8 catches that have been over 20 yards while Thielen has 7 catches in that category

. As far as deep yardage threats both are evenly deadly and reliable for their quarterback.

Last season when the Packers played the Vikings, Thielen was the one who really came out. In their second game at Lambeau, Thielen had 202 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns with one of those being a 71-yarder. In their first game in Minneapolis, Diggs was the one with the great game posting 182 yards receiving and a touchdown. The Packers corners have a very tough time defending both but the story might be the same as some of their offseason improvements Kevin King and Devon House will probably not play Sunday due to injuries. Sam Bradford not playing will probably benefit the Packers since it was him throwing the ball in both those games last season. How Dom Capers prepares his defense against Case Keenum will be the big question mark going into the game. Capers is good at tricking and making not as experienced and talented quarterbacks uncomfortable.


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