Kevin King; The Next Richard Sherman?


Last year, the Green Bay Packers made it to the NFC Championship game coming within one game of the Super Bowl.  After the first half was played, we all knew Green Bay’s biggest flaw; their secondary.

By this time, Green Bay’s defense had allowed 24 first half points. That momentum carried over to the defensive side of the ball for Atlanta, which shut Green Bay’s offense down, not even allowing a field goal. Packer fans still had hope in Aaron Rodgers until the start of the second half.  Atlanta got the ball back and quickly scored another touchdown making the score 31-0, before Aaron could touch the ball again. Before you knew it, Julio Jones had torched the Packers for nine catches of 180 yards and two touchdowns.   This deficient proved to be too much for even Aaron Rodgers overcome.  Unfortunately, Green Bay fans were reminded of this problem multiple times last year.  The Packers pass defense ranked dead last giving up roughly 278 yards per game.  Their rush defense ranked number 10 allowing 96 yards a game. We all know with Aaron Rodgers having yet another heroic MVP like season, his offense wasn’t the problem. The Packers secondary was atrocious.  Therefore, approaching this draft, Green Bay knew its biggest whole was in the secondary.

Thus, with the first pick of the second round, Green Bay selected a flat out stud; Kevin King.  The Packers are hoping the young cornerback from Washington can help solve some of their secondary problems. Kevin King is a 6’3” 180+lbs problem offenses have to account for. His physical style of play and physique has people making early comparisons between himself and Richard Sherman.  Last year, King didn’t allow a single touchdown, and only has allowed one touchdown in his last 28 college games. In the draft combine, King ran a 4.43 40 yard dash which ranks him amongst the fastest corners in the draft and now, the NFL.  He also recorded a 39.5 inch vertical, which helps in a multitude of different ways on the field (King’s 20 yard shuttle came in at 3.89 seconds and his 60 yard shuttle registered at 11.14 seconds). He’s a great press defender only allowing 3 catches on go routes in 2016. King is a very physical corner that can jam a receiver up at the line and make things hard on them going down the field.  King only had three interceptions this past year however, in those few interceptions King displayed great hand size and catching ability.  One of those interceptions being a one handed end zone grab that was one of the top plays in all of college football all year.

However, Kevin King does have a few weaknesses. King seems to struggle with covering short intermediate passes. On those plays, He allowed 12 catches on 14 targets in 2016. King also lacks as a tackler. He has shown the ability to be a big hitter at times however, he registered 10 missed tackles in coverage last year.  King also struggles with short, quicker receivers unless he’s allowed to be physical with them.  With that being said, if the referees are calling a tight game, he’s likely to draw penalties and hurt the team.  Some NFL scouts also believed king lacked consistency. King would never if rarely give up the big play down the field, but he’d be catch slipping on small yet important plays in games.

All in all, Kevin King is a big time addition to the Packers secondary. With Aaron Rodgers still in the prime of his career, the Packers have realistic super bowl aspirations every year. The secondary for the Packers has been their Achilles hill. Therefore, when King slid to the second round he was a must draft for the Packers.  King brings size, versatility, and play making ability to Green Bay’s secondary.   With their secondary ranking last this past year, as well as King being a rookie, you can expect NFL quarterbacks to want to throw the ball, and throw the ball to his side all year.  This gives Kevin King the best opportunity to showcase his talents and get key pivotal takeaways. Packer Fans are hoping that King is the answer and he will help them get over the hump, back to the Super Bowl.  31 other teams said no, however, the Packers got a steal early in the second round.


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