Muhammad Wilkerson to the Packers Makes Sense


“We’d like to be really aggressive and see if we can be in every conversation. Now whether that leads to us ending up signing a bunch or not, we’ll see,” that’s what new Green Bay Packers GM, Brian Gutekunst had to say about acquiring free agents at the combine.

Under Ted Thompson, free agent signings were few and far between. However, when free agents were signed, they were smart moves, for the most part, *cough* Martellus Bennett.

Now with Gutenkunst, hopefully, the Packers will be more aggressive in the free agent search, especially on defense. If the Packers want to win another Super Bowl in the near future, they need to get help, there is no way around it.

It all starts with the Jets defensive end, Muhammad Wilkerson. It was announced late in February that the Jets would release him. This could not be better news for the Packers front office.

Wilkerson has been with the Jets since 2011. He was a first-round pick and he has been a very reliable player for them since. Wilkerson hasn’t missed a lot of time with injuries, either. He has never missed more than three games in a season. That’s good news, especially for the Packers who always seem to lose key starters to injury every year.

His 2015 season was his best, statistically. His 12 sacks, 64 total tackles, and three forced fumbles landed him in the Pro Bowl for the first, and only, time in his career. The numbers are clearly there with Wilkerson. He was a lone bright spot on otherwise mediocre Jets teams.

Pairing him with Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark would make the Packers defensive line one of the best in the league. Daniels continues to have dominant seasons in Green Bay and Kenny Clark just had the best year of his young career. The three players could be a huge asset to an otherwise below average defense.

If Wilkerson decides to join the Packers, he would be reunited with the new DC in Green Bay, Mike Pettine. In the early stages of his career, the DC for the Jets was Pettine. Coming to Green Bay would allow for a reunion for Pettine and Wilkerson.

Wilkerson also would not be that expensive to sign. In 2017, he signed a 1 year/$9 million deal. So signing him to a 2-3 year deal could be possible.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news with Wilkerson. He has had some issues of work ethic and not giving it his all on the field. However, if anyone would be able to turn that around it would be the coaching staff in Green Bay.

It makes a lot of sense for Wilkerson to come to Green Bay. He could have a career rejuvenation. He is not expensive to get, and he would fit well with the new Mike Pettine defense. It’s all up to GM Brian Gutekunst deciding to pursue him. Hopefully, he will.


  1. Ahh Mo Wilks signed a $85 million contract in 2016. He made $18 million last year. The Jets actually ate $9 million on their cap for this coming season just to get rid of him. And GB’s coaching staff didn’t have great success with another head case of a player last year with Marty B. If the price is right a one or two year deal makes sense. Something short with little guaranteed money. Really depends what Mo Wilks you’re getting though…the All Pro from two years ago or the guy who was constantly late for meetings and who didn’t live up to the huge deal he got. Don’t really have $7-10 mil a year to dump into a head case DT when the DBs continue to look horrible. Rather see them save the money and make a push for Malcolm Butler. If Randall doesn’t develop into the player they need him to be your stuck with an unproven King and House or Rollins (yikes). Not to mention if they don’t bring Burnett back. Josh Jones didn’t look as good at the end of the year as he did at the beginning. Mo Wilks would be a nice splash signing…. definitely have a lot bigger needs than defensive line right now. Can’t keep giving up 300-450 yards passing every game and just hoping Aaron Rodgers will win it for you at the end.

  2. Oh and keep in mind this is a Mo Wilks who has already made over $50 million playing football. Maybe winning would change his attitude? Maybe being in GB instead of NYC would be better to keep him focused? Or maybe you’re just over paying for a guy who turns 29 soon and doesn’t have a good work ethic, who doesn’t really care because he’s got a ton of money anyways. 1 year, 4-5 mil tops, nothing guaranteed.


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