NBA Prospect Profile: Timothe Luwawu


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Timothe Luwawu enters this year’s NBA draft as a 6’6” 205lb shooting guard from France.  Luawawu has a 6’11” wingspan that is above average for his position. He has exceeded expectations in France which is why he is being scouted by teams all across the NBA. 


Luwawu is projected to be a mid-first round pick in this year’s draft.  He averaged 14.6 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 2.8 assist per game this past year.  Luwawu shoots roughly 48% from the field and 37% from three point range.  He is roughly a 70% free-throw shooter as well.  Luwawu has earned his reputation from his amazing athletic abilities. If he sees daylight, he’s driving into the paint and dunking on everyone in sight.  He has the potential to be great at the next level however, there are some aspects of his game he has to improve on.


-Timothe Luwawu has great size for his position, (6’6” 205lbs 6’11” wingspan).

-He is an explosive guard that thrives in attacking the basket.

-He has a quick first step and great footwork.

-He has decent ball handling abilities that help him get past most defenders and finish over the top of the opposing teams rim protector.  His athleticism allows him to lead fast breaks at top speed/quickness and create for others or finish at that rim.

-His athleticism also helps his rebounding ability and defensive prowess.  He has quick feet and hands that will be needed when guarding the top shooting guards in the NBA.

-He has shown the ability to improve different aspects of his game every year at a fast rate. He has a great motor and plays with high levels of intensity and passion.


Luwawu has a few holes in his game.

-For starters, he is not a very good shooter (Spot up or off the dribble).  He shoots just below 36% from mid-range and is practically ineffective from that area of the floor.

-He has made improvements to his shooting form however he has a very low, and slow release that makes it hard for him to shoot over defenders.

-At times, his explosiveness to be a downfall as well.  He often puts his head down and gets tunnel vision causing forced shots and turnovers.

-He also lacks as a passer.  He takes a lot of risk and often forces the issue leading to careless turnovers. His high turnover rate (17.3) contributes and hurts his draft stock.

– As an on ball defender he is great, however he is not a good off the ball defender and seems to get lost on back door cuts and screens.

-He is a raw talent that still needs to improve on his ball handling, shooting, and decision making to be successful at the next level.

Rookie Year for Milwaukee:

If the Bucks decide to draft Luwawu, they’ll have to understand that he is a three to five year project. He’ll most likely struggle his first year in Milwaukee due to the flaws he has shown in his game.  He’ll have to translate his game from France to the NBA which we all know can be difficult for some players to do. He’ll get playing time coming off the bench behind Kris Middleton and some time at the small forward spot behind Giannis.

Future for Milwaukee:

Timothe Luwawu has lots of upside and potential.  As stated earlier, he has shown the ability to adapt, progress and improve as a basketball.  There’s no doubt Milwaukee has a need at the SG and SF position for now and the future.  Therefore, Luwawu wouldn’t be a BAD pick, however, he might not be a go to easy pick for most.  His athletic abilities both offensively and defensively would help the Bucks improve this season.  Not to mention his hustle, work ethic, and passion for the game will help him improve and earn playing time no matter where he’s selected in this year’s draft.   Timothe Luwawu is the type of guard anyone would want on their team. Given a few years to improve his game, the sky is the limit for the things he can accomplish in the NBA.


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