Packers Draft Profiles: Jack Cichy


Wisconsin Badger fans know this name very well. Jack Cichy, a.k.a “3 Sack Jack,” burst onto the scene in the 2015 Holiday Bowl versus USC. His three sacks in a row on USC quarterback Cody Kessler came at a crucial point in the third quarter and helped seal the upset win for the Badgers. You can watch the three sacks here:

Cichy was a vital part of one of the best defenses in the nation in for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. He helped lead the Badgers to two top ten finishes in the country in terms of total defense. He just didn’t get any national recognition until the fateful evening versus USC.

However, before the 2017 season could even begin, Cichy suffered a season ending knee injury. It was a devastating blow to Cichy, who was in store for a huge season.

Cichy was dominant whenever he was on the field for Wisconsin. He has an instinct for the ball and he always seemed to be near it on the field at all times. He possesses great reaction time too. In addition, he rarely gets fooled by trick plays or play action. That has been a problem for Packers defenders as of late. As seen during his time with the Badgers, Cichy can be a force on the outside as an edge rusher. He got to the quarterback with ease. Add that to his excellent ball skills and tackling, Cichy has the potential to be a top all-around linebacker.

Cichy has had to deal with multiple injuries throughout his career. His draft stock plummeted considerably in 2017 when he wasn’t able to play a single game after tearing his ACL before the season even started. Teams need to be aware of his history of injuries. He only played in 24 games, starting 11, during his four seasons with the Badgers. When he is on the field, however, Cichy can be a huge impact.

When will he be drafted?
Before the injury, Cichy was in store for a huge year with the dominant Wisconsin Badgers defense. It wasn’t out of the question to hear his name called on the first night of the draft. However, with the injury, Cichy is seen as a huge risk with not a lot of upside at the moment. For that reason, he will have to wait for day three of the draft to get a call from one of the 32 NFL franchises.

How does he fit onto the Packers?
Cichy’s situation will be very similar to former teammate, Vince Biegel. He won’t be an immediate starter, but there could be room for special teams opportunities and limited snaps on defense. He would definitely be a project, like Biegel. However, he has potential. Put him with the right group of coaches, teammates, trainers, etc. and Cichy could one day be a vital part of any defense. Hopefully, it’s for Mike Pettine and the up and coming defense in Green Bay.


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