Packers Sign Devin Funchess


The Packers continue to address the holes on the team in free agency. The Packers made their third free agent signing (not counting resigning Redmon and Lewis) after bringing on Devin Funchess to their wide receiving corp. He satisfies fans’ cries of bringing on a veteran wide receiver to pair up with Davante Adams. He was a second round draft pick in 2015 to Carolina and will be joining his third team after his one year stint with the Colts in 2019.

The Packers love them some tall receivers. Funchess joins a wide receiving corp that, besides 6-1 Davate Adams, is filled with receivers 6-4 or taller. Funchess also has a big frame carrying around 232 pounds. He will be a big target for Rodgers who will love seeing him in the red zone. Funchess also has blocking ability for a WR. He spent some time at TE in college, and that blocking ability translated well to the outside. 

Funchess was drafted to Carolina to be the number two receiver in Carolina. He was brought on to be across from Kelvin Benjamin, and to provide Cam Newton with another big target on the outside. His rookie year he played all 16 games recording 31 receptions, 473 yards, and five touchdowns. He had a productive first season, but one thing worried his team, drops. Funchess first two seasons in the NFL he had a catch rate of 49.2% and 39.7% respectively. To his credit though, he has worked hard to turn that around and each of the years since his catch rate has increased. The last full season for Funchess, he increased his catch rate to 60%. He has shown the ability to improve and at 25 he still has time to show he can keep growing. 

As I mentioned before Funchess provides Rodgers with a big bodied weapon on the outside, but his speed leaves something to be desired. In the 2015 combine he recorded a 40 time of 4.7. He was the slowest 40 time of any receiver at that combine. Even without the downfield speed, Funchess still has great route running that can create separation. Check out Funchess’ route against the Browns in training camp with the Colts this past season.

Imagine Funchess running a slant like this in the red zone for Rodgers. 

He also has the ability to go up and get the ball like he does here against the Redskins.

Fans have already been on twitter disappointed that the Packers got another big, slow receiver, but he is another weapon for Rodgers and an interesting piece for the LaFleur offense. With his ability to also play tight end, LaFleur could draw up some interesting plays for Funchess. Don’t forget that Funchess is only 25 years old. He is still learning and growing in the NFL. In his last 16 game season, Funchess brought in 63 receptions, 840 yards, and eight touchdowns. 

Funchess has the ability to be a number two receiver in the right system, and at worst he is a red zone threat. Another low risk, high reward signing by the Packers. I still expect the Packers to draft a wide receiver, but bringing on Funchess will make training camp competition even more intense at receiver. Kumerow, Lazard, Funchess, St. Brown, MVS, and whichever receiver they draft will be fighting for the WR 2 spot. I cannot wait to see who comes out on top. 


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