Scouting Ben Simmons


Ben Simmons has captivated the nation’s attention with some news sources going as far to comparing him to NBA Superstar Lebron James. I won’t go that far, but I do think he is without a doubt the best prospect since Anthony Davis and despite not sharing Davis’s immense physical gifts he is putting up far better numbers in college. Ben Simmons will almost definitely go number one overall, barring a massive surge from a guy with better physical tools.

The above clip shows his monster game against Marquette University where he posted 21 points, 20 rebounds, and 7 assists. He showcases his impressive vision, but also the fact that he is a monster on the glass pulling down rebounds at an elite level.

Vitals: Standing at 6’10” with a 7′ wingspan Ben Simmons is an impressive physical specimen. He is also an above average athlete for the Power Forward position, possessing athleticism that enables one to question whether or not he can play the Small Forward and Center positions as well as the 4 in the NBA.

Strengths: Far and away Simmons’ best skill is his passing, he sets up his teammates beautifully and makes everyone around him better. He is an elite rebounder and statistically rebounding is one of the skills that translates best to the NBA. He is also posting well over a block and a steal per game, which is very impressive for a guy who carries the burden on the other end.

Weaknesses: Simmons one true weakness is his shooting ability, he frequently passes up open shots to drive into the paint. It has definitely costed his college team a handful of points this year. I hesitate to even call it a weakness, because he doesn’t shoot many threes at all (3 3pa on the season). In theory he could be much better than anyone gives him credit for, but his lack of sample size leads one to question how capable he is.

Fit on the Bucks: (7/10)

Simmons is far from a perfect fit on the Bucks he will primarily play the same two positions the Bucks three franchise cornerstones play, small and power forward. That said Simmons is the type of guy who you move other guys to make room for. I really think he is the best prospect since Anthony Davis and some in the industry have extended that belief even further back in the past.


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