Should Packers Trade for Robert Woods?


What a world we are living in. The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced MLB to postpone the season, the NBA to pause midseason and March Madness to be cancelled. The NFL has not been immune for the implications of this either. The NFL draft will be a closed show, pro days have been cancelled and teams are unable to meet face-to-face with potential draft picks. Teams have become more cautious with their draft picks due to the lack of information they are able to gather around potential players, especially those who have had injuries in college.

With the Green Bay Packers expected to be looking for a WR early in the draft, the uncertainty around the draft however, could cause the Packers to be cautious on using a high draft pick. The NFL offseason has been filled with trades, and that might be an avenue the Packers want to go down rather than rely on the draft. One potential trade candidate that would fit perfectly with the Packers is Robert Woods of the Los Angeles Rams. He might be a perfect fit, but should the Packers trade for him?

Why the Packers SHOULD trade for Robert Woods:

The Packers are in need of a playmaker. Davante Adams and Aaron Jones are both great weapons for Rodgers and the Packers offense, but they need help. Watch the clip below and count how many Bears jerseys you see around Davante Adams.

Adams is an immensely talented wide receiver, but even the best cannot get open very often in triple coverage. If the Packers are able to bring Robert Woods onto their offense, life for Davante Adams will become much easier. Woods who played 24.9% of his snaps in the slot. This would give the Packers a top slot receiver. The Packers have not had a top slot receiver since a prime Randall Cobb, and it is something they are in desperate need of.

Woods is a shifty receiver that has the ability to take a short pass 80 yards anytime he touches the ball. Looking at the numbers he put up last season, Woods had 560 yards after the catch. Woods’ yards after the catch alone is more total yards of any receiver not named Davante Adams on the Packers last season. In all, Woods recorded 90 receptions, 1,134 yards and two touchdowns. Woods would have been the leading receiver for the Packers last season as well as over double the yards of Allen Lazard, who was the second leading receiver on the Packers with 477 yards receiving. Woods would bring productivity to the Packers that would potentially give the Packers a top receiving duo in the NFL.

Woods also has familiarity with the type of offense LaFleur wants to run. McVay, Shanahan and LaFleur were both brought on to the Washington Redskins as offensive coaches in 2010. The three coaches started to earn reputations as offensive gurus who were going to innovate offenses around the league. LaFleur then spent time with McVay in Los Angeles as the offensive coordinator in 2017, which was Woods’ first year with the team. In 2017, Woods had a career year with 718 yards and five touchdowns. Woods’ production skyrocketed when Brandin Cooks was brought to the team. He recorded his first 1,000 yard season in 2018 and did the same in 2019. It seems as though when there are other threats in the passing game, Woods seems to do his best work. Pair Woods and Adams together in an offense he is familiar with and amazing things could happen.

Finally, Woods’ contract is as team friendly as it gets for a 1,000 yard receiver. He is on the books for the next two seasons receiving $8.175 million this year and $9.175 million next year. Woods’ contract also has a reasonable out in the 2021 offseason. Let’s say the Packers want to trade for him this year, but release him after the season to save money to sign Clark and Bakhtiari, they would only have a $1.77 million cap hit.

Why the Packers should NOT trade for Robert Woods:

One reason the Packers might not want to trade for Robert Woods is because he does bring the field opening speed the Packers are looking for. Do not get me wrong, Woods is quick and can take the ball to the house on any given play, but he doesn’t have the straight line speed that opens the field for other receivers. Woods ran a 4.50 40 time, which is slower than Packers’ WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling. He would be valuable in the slot, but the Packers could look to the draft to find a slot receiver with more speed.

The other negative for Robert Woods is the potential to be a one year rental. As mentioned before, Robert Woods is under contract for two more seasons with an out after next year. The Packers have their biggest offseason in 2021 in recent memory, and will need every dime to try to bring back their two stars in David Bakhtiari and Kenny Clark. It is very possible that the Packers would release Robert Woods to save $8 million. Is trading a draft pick that would bring you a player under a cheap contract for three or four years worth it for a potential one year rental?

Final Verdict:

Make the trade baby. Robert Woods in the slot with Adams on the outside will give the Packers a dynamic offense. They will go from a big three in Rodgers, Jones and Adams, to a big four. Woods knows what it is like playing with other top receivers after his time with Cooks and Kupp. He knows the importance of a run game like the Rams had with Gurley. Woods is a perfect player for the Packers to bring in, even if it is just for one year. Woods is the type of player that can take a team from a playoff run to a Super Bowl favorite.


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