Squared Logic: Packers Are Scheduled to be Unbeatable?


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The NFL Schedule Release induces excitement among fans everywhere. It’s a tangible road map of their favorite team’s journey to Super Bowl glory. It’s also a time when delusions of grandeur run rampant. After the schedule released, I took a scroll through Twitter. Almost every football fan said the same thing about their team. “19-0!” Then you have those that put a little more thought into it. “13-3 Super Bowl Champions!” Packers fans are no different, high expectations based off of a piece of paper. When reading what Packers faithful thought, it was in line with what others thought about their teams. Straight dominance all season long, with the chance of undefeated. Pump your brakes folks. I am happy to see the schedule but always get nervous when I see these comments put out there. The Packers may or may not have a dominate season. It’s time to put some Squared logic to this schedule.


The Good

September 25, October 9, 16, and 20th will see the Green Bay Packers play four, count em’, four consecutive home

The Green Bay Packers play four, count em', four consecutive home games.
The Green Bay Packers play four, count em’, four consecutive home games.

games. Which includes two of the five prime time games on their schedule. (Some are subject to change because of Flex Scheduling.) This is an impressive stretch of home cooking for the Packers. They have shown an ability to take care of business at home, so this should translate into a good start for the Pack.

The NFL schedules teams to play two entire divisions other than their own, every season. The Packers were given a gift with the two worst divisions on their slate. The NFC Least (East) and the AFC Soft (South). With these two divisions on the docket for the Packers, it’s no wonder they are said to have the easiest schedule this upcoming season. The teams have a combined .457 win percentage from last season. Navigate this right, and you have the makings of a dominant season.


The Bad

Packers must not look ahead to week 2, otherwise they'll get burned week 1.
Packers must not look ahead to week two, otherwise they’ll get burned week one.

From the jump the Packers will be tested with two consecutive road games to start the season. We all know what the defending division champion Vikings (Yes folks, this is real) will bring to the table. Opening up their new stadium in prime time. That’s in week two. Week one will also provide a test against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yes. I said that. I hear the laughter and I don’t care. The Jags offense is going to be much better and their defense will be much improved with all of the moves they’ve made quietly. This is no cupcake. Packers must be careful to not look ahead at week two, otherwise they’ll get burned in week one.

The four consecutive home games is fantastic but, there is a price to pay for it. The Packers will play three consecutive road games (long after a Week 4 bye week. Not a fan!) later in the season versus Tennessee, Washington, and Philadelphia. Three teams from two of the worst divisions in football, but they are road games. I don’t care who the opponent is, winning on the road in the NFL is difficult.


Folks, I didn’t write this to douse the flames of excitement. I get it, I’m excited too. The thing is, there are many factors that go into having a dominant season. The rosters have to be right, those guys have to execute, and you must have good health. Games aren’t played on paper, but if they were the Green Bay Packers are scheduled to be unbeatable. Or at the very least close to it.


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