Wisconsin Sit Downs: Carrington Love

I saw Carrington Love play for the first time as a freshman at UW-GB where it was clear he had talent, but was not clear if he would be able to put it all together. His development was steady, but freshman to senior year he turned into a star for the Phoenix; 2.6 ppg to 17.3 ppg, assists went up every year and turnovers went down, culminating in an all conference 1st team appearance and all conference defensive team spot. I got the chance to sit down and interview him recently and talk about his time at UW-GB and his life before and after.


Q: What was it like playing Basketball for Pius in Milwaukee, as well as in Wisconsin

A: It was an amazing experience playing under coach Joel Claassen I played the game at a high level and got a good catholic education. I feel like our state Wisconsin is underrated in basketball the loyalty and the fans you get in Wisconsin is amazing the fans and parents are amazing. There is a lot of talent in Milwaukee so you have to separate yourself from others.

Q: What was your AAU experience

A: I played for playground elite its one of the top teams and I feel like that gave me a competitive edge that I wouldn’t get in high school

Q: What was your recruitment like?

A: I was listed as a late bloomer, late growth spurt, got overlooked. Greenbay was my first offer under Brian Wardle and I wanted to stay close to home and represent Wisconsin. That chip on your shoulder, pushes you harder and harder and in the gym you remember there are guys who get more exposure than yourself and that pushes you to new levels.

Love embraces Wisconsin for everything it has to offer.
Love embraces Wisconsin for everything it has to offer.

Q: What did you like about UW-GB

A: I look at Green Bay as my second home, this city and community really embraces athletes. I wouldn’t want to live it over at any other schools. I got to play against the some of the top players in the NCAA. I learned a ton going to school there on and off the court. This school and university really produces high character men.

Q: What was the transition between Coach Wardle and Coach Darner like?

At first I was nervous about it, but then I got a chance to talk to Linc Darner. I knew I wasn’t going to transfer, because I value the community. Darner was a really trustworthy guy and he is a great coach helped me take my game to a nother level.

Q: How has your game evolved in college?

A: I feel like I have always had the ability. I just needed to be pushed and taught more things. Wardle taught me how to use my tools to become an elite defender. Coach Darner helped me unlock my scoring ability at the rim and outside the arc. Darner helped me pick and choose my spots better.

Love went from a talented, but below average freshman player to a star and a leader of the team as a senior.
Love went from a talented, but below average freshman player to a star and a leader of the team as a senior.

Q: What did it mean to make it to the NCAA tournament after falling so short the previous two years?

A: It was the greatest experience of my life. 2/3 years I did not make it we were very close so we didn’t know what it would be like. Jordan Fouse really helped us get over the hump. A lot came from guys not giving credit to Jordan Fouse and Myself, but when Brown and Sykes left. We were able to use our leadership and experience to end the 20 year drought. Charles Cooper and Jamar Hurdle were also big factors in us making it this year..

Q: What was your relationship with Jordan Fouse like?

A: Jordan and I also played AAU together he was one of my best friends. He is part of the reason I came here. To have your best friend next to you for the entire trip, it helps you out in so many ways I can’t even begin to explain.

Q: What are you trying to do now?

A: Right now I am trying to play basketball at the highest professional level, everyone wants to make the NBA, that’s what I am trying to do now. Trying to make the NBA in anyway possible.

Q: What was it like to work out for the Bucks:

A: It was a tremendous feeling, I grew up walking to the Bradley Center to see games. I come from a big  big basketball family we all had Ray Allen Big Dog jerseys. Whoever the Bucks drafted we knew immediately, I’vr been a big Bucks fan my entire life. Dream come true to try out for a hometown franchise.

Q: What does basketball mean to you?

A: Basketball is everything to me I have been playing since I was four years old. Its been the most consistent thing in my life. I can’t remember a time in the last 18 years where I have not been playing. Its like a vehicle that has taken me amazing places, but also a prized possession I hold special in my heart.

Q: Where do you think basketball is at in Wisconsin?

A: I feel like it is definitely on the rise with guys like Sam Dekker, Diamond Stone, and Kevon Looney recently coming through. It gives guys in Wiscosnin a brighter future. We are looked at as a football state, but we have guys who can compete with guys from both coasts in basketball.

Love on the fast break in a rivalry game against Wisconsin.
Love on the fast break in a rivalry game against Wisconsin.


Q: After your done with basketball are you planning on coming back to Wisconsin?

A: Oh yeah for sure I wouldn’t leave this state. I am a diehard Wisconsin patriot I just love this state that’s everything to me.


Carrington is currently working out in Wisconsin and will play professionally wherever he can this fall.


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