BC Eats – Give ‘N’ Go’s Bacon and Maple Syrup Chicken Waffle Cone



Weird food offerings should be a stadium staple and it is great to see the BC getting in the act. When I saw the new Chicken Waffle Cones, I knew I needed to give them a chance.

The big photo of the two cones pulled me in when I saw it at the Give ‘N’ Go concession stand, operated by Levy Restaurants, outside of Section 212–Squad 6’s old stomping grounds. The cones are also available at concession stands outside of sections 207 and 226.

I walked right up to the stand, without having to wait in line, about 15 minutes before game time. There are two to choose from –the Buffalo Cheese version and the Bacon and Maple Syrup version. I was eager to try to Bacon and Maple, I paid my $9 and it was in my hands about two minutes after I ordered.

The food: The waffle cone included fried chicken pieces, a slice of thick bacon, warm maple syrup and green onions. I ate the concoction with a fork and it was excellent. Each item complimented the others perfectly! A lot of syrup pooled at the bottom of the cone and it was a bit difficult to eat that part without making a mess.

The game: Despite the frigid January evening, Bulls fans showed up in full force, bringing their crass, aggressive behavior towards the Bucks faithful. We were surrounded by a flock of them, clapping in my ear and shouting obscenities for the duration of the back-and-forth affair. Their rudeness reached a crescendo when the Bulls went up eight late in the forth. But the Bucks, paced by Giannis’ 29 and some clutch shooting from Khris Middleton, went on a run, grabbed the lead and sent Bulls fans home extremely unhappy. It was a satisfying night in Milwaukee! Bucks 106, Bulls 101.

The verdict: If you’re looking for a snack at the game, this is a perfect, fun and delicious option. If you are hoping to have this as dinner, plan on purchasing something else as well.

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