BC Eats – Grill 71’s Buffalo Chicken Tenders and Fries



As a member of Squad 6, it was imperative that I ate quick and cheap. One of the best options available was buffalo chicken tenders at Grill 71 outside of section 207, near Squad 6’s section 212. I was excited to revisit this meal this season, and it is one that my friend Mike has gotten several times during our 10 pack.

Grill 71 is operated by Levy Restaurants and there was no line when I arrived about mid-second quarter as the Bucks faced off against the Timberwolves on 90s Night.

The food: Three buffalo chicken tenders are rested on a bed of golden fries for $9. I opted for the ranch of the blue cheese dressing as my accompaniment. The tenders and fries weren’t as hot as I hoped, but other than that, they tasted exactly how you’d expect—good. The ranch was a tasty pairing for the fries, which picked up some of the buffalo sauce from the tenders.

The game: I was eager to see the Bucks take on the T-Wolves on 90s Night. There is much discussion among NBA fans about which team has the better young core. The game was close in the first half, but the Bucks took over in the third quarter–maybe coincidentally after Warren G did “Regulate.” Despite a late run that prompted Coach Kidd to put the starters back in late in the fourth, the Bucks young core looked better than the T-Wolves, who were led by Karl-Anthony Towns’ 21. Giannis just missed a triple-double by one rebound; he finished with 27 points, 12 assists and 9 boards. Khris Middleton paced the Bucks with 32, while Jabari chipped in 16. Bucks 116, Timberwolves 101.

The verdict: At $9, this is a tasty meal the delivers. You won’t be wowed, but you won’t regret getting it either.

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