BC Eats – Sobelman’s “The Sobelman”


I was incredibly excited when I heard the escalation of the Great Milwaukee Burger War was going to result in Sobelman’s at the BC this season. With AJ Bombers firmly ensconced at Miller Park, Sobelman’s smartly snatched up the Bradley Center turf and, for my first review, I was excited to see how the burger matched up with the one at the actual restaurant.

Curiously, the Sobelman’s kiosk is in the 400-level (outside section 438, or the northeast corner of the BC). Luckily for my friend, Mike, and I, it was very nearby our section and we headed right there to grab a bite before the game began. The space is pretty drab, with an ordering stand with several lanes and then a kitchen that kind of looks like a trailer off to the left.

It was only the third home game, so Sobelman’s at the BC is clearly still trying to figure some things out—the menu for one. The menu listed only two burgers, “The Sobelman with fries” for $11 and another burger for $8. There was no separate listing for The Sobelman sans fries, so, I ordered The Sobelman and assumed the fries. Big mistake. When I signed the receipt, I noticed I was charged $8 and when I asked about this, I was told I didn’t say “with fries.” But it isn’t even on the menu without fries … CONFUSING! The menu also features their signature Bloody Mary for $15.

There was really no line when we walked up and our food came out in about five minutes (although I had to send my burger back as they included cheese on in, despite my receipt clearly stating no cheese). I suspect during more well attended games, the lines will be longer and the food will take more time to come out. We grabbed our burgers and snagged one of the dozen or so tables.

The food: The Sobelman is Sobelman’s signature burger. It comes with several cheeses, bacon, fried onions and diced jalapenos. My burger was nearly juicy, the bacon was almost crisp and the bun was, as always, excellent (burger for burger, I must admit that I prefer AJ Bombers, however one thing Sobelman’s does better is buns). The burger didn’t seem to include as many onions or diced jalapenos as the burger at the restaurant does, but as burgers go, this one nearly mirrored the restaurant offering. The fries were crispy and delicious.

The game: It was great to see Jabari Parker back, but I was bummed out he sheared the lettuce … I was loving his hairdo. A back-and forth affair with the worst team in the league isn’t exactly what I was hoping for coming into the game. Watching Greivis Vasquez and Chris Copeland play two-man ball was especially painful. However, when the chips were down, Khris Middleton vanquished Philly with a couple jumpers, despite some pretty stellar play from Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel. Final score: Bucks 91, Sixers 87.

The verdict: I would recommend Sobelman’s. This was easily the best burger I’ve ever had at the BC, and despite some challenges with my order, the meal was delicious and reasonably priced.

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