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The Packers currently have two running backs on their roster, Ty Montgomery and Christine Michael. Ted cannot make the same mistake he made last year going into the regular season with only two running backs. I know the Packers have big needs on the defensive side of the ball, but running back may be the biggest need on offense. Taking Florida State running back Dalvin Cook with the 29th pick would greatly improve the Packers ground game. After Leonard Fournette, Cook is the best back in the draft, and he may not even make it to number 29. If by chance he is there when the Packers pick, Ted better think long and hard about selecting him.


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What are his strengths?

The 5’11, 210 pound first team All-American junior running back does a lot of things well. For starters, he has a good body for a running back. Solid enough to take the punishment required to play running back in the NFL. He ran a sub 4.5 forty-yard dash. He is what some would call a home run hitter. Speed is something that the Packers are in desperate need of on both sides of the ball. Scouts love Cook’s footwork and vision. He makes precise cuts without dancing, changes direction smoothly. The blocking schemes he ran behind at Florida State are commonly used in the NFL too.

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What are his weaknesses?

Unfortunately, Cook might have more weaknesses off than on the field. Lets start with his on field weaknesses. His biggest weakness in the Packers eyes is probably pass protection. We all know how much the Packers throw the ball and with that comes a lot of responsibility for running backs to protect Aaron Rodgers from the blitz. Cook has tremendous vision, but that vision causes him to bounce outside the tackles more often than he should. He needs to improve running in the A and B gaps. Ball security and catching passes have also plagued Cook during his time at FSU. He has had a few run ins with the law going back to high school and into his time in Tallahassee. There were three instances to be exact, but all three charges were dropped. Even though he wasn’t guilty, consistently having issues with the law isn’t a good look for a player.


When will he be drafted?

It’s not a matter of if Cook will be picked in the first round, its when. The Eagles pick at 14 and the Colts follow them at 15. My gut tells me that he will go to one of those two teams. If for some reason Philly and Indy both pass on Cook, then he may make it to the end of first round.

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Where does he fit on the Packers?

Like I said before, the Packers cannot go into the season with only two running backs on the roster. Ty Montgomery isn’t an every down back, and Christine Michael probably isn’t anything more than the third running back. Dalvin Cook would give the Packers a home run threat at running back that they haven’t had in a long time.


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