Featured Beer of the Week: Lakefront Rendezvous Ale


Welcome to the newest featurette humbly written for all you thirsty beer fans. Be vary of consistency, as this section may be changing week by week. Drink up, Milwaukeeans. I know I am.
(Note: my beer connoisseur-ness is a work-in-progress. Learn with me!)

Style: Biere de Garde (The summer cousin of a saison, brewed to be refreshing yet rich and robust)
7.2% ABV

Best enjoyed in a stem or tulip glass
Tapped at Coquette Café in the Third Ward, Milwaukee, WI

VERDICT: I had the pleasure of partaking in this gorgeous amber-colored ale from Milwaukee’s own Lakefront Brewery. I haven’t had too many French-style beers, but Rendezvous instantly became one of my favorites. This ale is brewed for the times when a dark beer can lean a bit too heavily on the senses, but you still don’t want to drink (insert your domestic lager of choice here, mine is Pabst Blue Ribbon in case you were wondering). Upon the first sip, very rich malty sweetness touches the tongue, followed by a clean, simple finish that’s brings refinement to refreshment. Perfect for pairing with a savory meal.

To put it more simply, this tastes nothing like a porter or an IPA (Common American craft main-stays). It has an earthy caramel background and a light bubbly consistency that makes it a great choice for a warm summer day.

BEER-DRINKERS TIP OF THE WEEK: Remember to take a good long whiff of your beer right before you drink it. Really take the time to identify the flavors and ingredients to maximize your beer-drinking experience.

Are you looking to dive into the magical world of microbrews but need a place to start? Comment below and I’ll throw you a few tips on where I began. Price isn’t everything, folks.


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