Dreaming Up a Giannis Shoe Deal


After Lebron retires, Nike is going to need a new face to carry and represent the brand like Lebron has. With Lebron’s career undoubtedly surely on the back nine, the race to become the successor to the King has already started without us even knowing it. If Giannis gets a shoe deal with Nike, he will be among so glorious company.


Here are the reasons why the already existing faces of Nike will not be able to successfully take over Lebron’s mantle:


Kyrie Irving:  Although Kyrie is a skilled ball handler and adept at finishing at the rim, he is nowhere the physical make up of the Greek Freak. He does not impose enough of a character to ever reach the heights that Giannis could.  Also, the divide that has emerged between Lebron and Kyrie might cause supporters of Lebron (thusly Nike) to never really fully buy into Kyrie’s star power.

Also on the more trivial side of things…Kyrie supporting weird things like Flat Earth and saying that he doesn’t believe in Christmas might turn people away from the point guard.


Paul George: PG-13 abilities present an interesting case. Five to six years ago, many were under the impression that Paul George might be a natural successor to Lebron while the Pacers and Heat were locked in playoff matchups. But over the last couple years, while other stars have emerged, PG’s star power has seemed to be… well… nothing more than PG rated (probably in part to the Pacer’s descent into obscurity). In short, his legacy is up in the air.


Kevin Durant: Durant, because of his move to Golden State, has managed to finally get that coveted NBA championship. While this helps Durant’s personal legacy, the move itself puts into question his ability to win alone. Moving to the darkside does not sit well with many fans and avid shoe buyers.

Not to mention, KD’s personality lacks in aggression. Many are skeptical as to whether he truly beholds the desire to take hold of Lebron’s mantle.


Why Giannis has the best case:


Giannis is the opposite of Kyrie from the standpoint that he is maybe the biggest physical freak in the league (even more than the King). Needless to say, Giannis does a lot of things that Lebron showed us during his first stint in Cleveland. At the same time, however, Giannis continues to separate himself as an NBA anomaly. Giannis can dunk from anywhere within 10 feet of the rim (it helps that he can get to that area at will )and has quietly become one of the better big-men passers in the game.


Giannis has shown that he deserves to be on the same floor as Lebron when the Bucks face off against the Cavs. Giannis since the 2014-15 season against the Cavs has boasted a 26.5ppg/9.3rpg/5.1apg line, which is “Lebron-like”. The only person you could say that has had the level of personal achievement against the King is KD. Worth noting, thats while being on one of the best teams in modern NBA history.


Off the court, Giannis fits the bill in seemingly every criteria as the next face of Nike. Most importantly, he is a foreign born player. Nike, a global company, would like nothing more than for a foreign born player to take the NBA by storm; thus becoming a world-wide icon. Also, Giannis has verbally committed his loyalty to Milwaukee. Not going to a super team in search of titles and sticking with the city that made him into the player he is today would endear him to fans everywhere. Giannis growing his personal brand while simultaneously helping grow one of the up-and-coming teams in the NBA would be nothing short of a beautiful narrative.


When, not if, Giannis gets a shoe deal with Nike, it will only a matter of time until he takes Lebron’s place as the face of the game, and takes that title to even bigger heights.


Rashaud Reed is an upcoming shoe designer. His inspiration to design shoes began at the age of 8 where he found himself fascinated by the design of a shoe. He began to use his gift of drawing to create shoe designs.

Though all his life he wanted to be the player to sign a Jordan contract, he has pivoted dreams. Junior year of high school he developed a greater passion to design shoes.

Rashaud is a sneaker head and avid shoe collector. He has a love for not only sports but the comfort of a players shoe. He has learned the history of shoe design evident in of Giannis’s design.

From the words of Rashaud, “I would like to introduce to you the Poseidon 1’s. My creative edge to this shoe design was inspired by Nike being a Greek Goddess of “Victory” and Giannis is Nike’s first Greek Athlete. I believe Giannis should launch with a Greek God series that pays respect to the Greek culture.” 





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