Malcolm Brogdon: The missing piece


After partially tearing his left quad on February 1st against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Milwaukee Bucks certainly struggled on both ends of the floor without their prized point guard.

Although the Bucks have Eric Bledsoe, Malcolm Brogdon provided a ton of consistency on offense and defense regardless if he was starting or coming off the bench. The 6’5″ combo guard currently holds season averages of 13.3 points, 3.2 assists, 3.3 rebounds per game while shooting an efficient 48.7% from the floor and a reliable 37.8% from three-point range.

Since going down with the unfortunate injury, the Bucks are 11-11. However, their bench play has severely suffered since he went down. Although he’s only started in 20 games this season, he plays starters-like minutes (30.2 minutes per game). It’s no secret that Malcolm Brogdon is a true professional, and he’s proved that he can play with the starters and second unit. By all means, Brogdon is the anchor of the second unit.

With Brogdon on the floor, the Bucks have a solid ORtg of 109.7. When he’s on the floor, the offense has more room to operate because opposing defenses respect his ability to shoot it from outside. Milwaukee desperately misses his shooting ability. More impressive, though, is Malcolm Brogdon’s ability to create. At 6’5″ he can get to the rim, and he’s already proven that he is not afraid to meet an opposing defender at the summit.

Brogdon is also a terrific passer out of the PnR. He’s developed a great repertoire with Milwaukee’s bigs this season. He is an extremely smart basketball player who possesses a very high basketball IQ. He has a knack for finding teammates when it looks like there’s no window to get a pass through. Brogdon also does a great job handling the ball and taking care of the pumpkin.

With Milwaukee’s horrible bench play this season, the impending arrival of Brogdon could spark the Bucks to go on a run. Adding him to the lineup allows the Bucks to get a little more creative with their lineups throughout the game. It is unsure if he will start when he returns, but regardless of where he plays, we know he’s going to battle throughout. When the game is in crunch time, he elevates his game to the next level. He just makes winning plays. Whether it be an extra pass, clutch free throws, or a big bucket, the Bucks know they can count on Malcolm Brogdon to get it done.

His return couldn’t come at a better time with the Milwaukee Bucks gearing up for a playoff run. It’s not too farfetched to see a newer, better Bucks team when the President returns from rehabbing his quad.


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