NBA Prospect Profile: Harry Giles

Harry Giles was a top 10 player in the country when he committed to Duke. His freshman season was somewhat underwhelming mostly due to injuries. Giles tore his ACL and missed his entire high school senior season and wasn’t able to start his Duke career until December. Despite the injury concerns and a relatively non-impressive college career, Giles is still only 19 years old and has some tools that translate well to the NBA game.

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Giles is an incredible athlete, especially for his size. He is 6’10 and has a 7’3 wingspan. Many scouts consider Giles the best big man prospect in the entire draft class. Giles can run the floor well, and can handle ball well for a big man. He is very active on the glass. Shows physicality on the defensive end and can handle contact on offensive around the glass. Many scouts think he can play either the four or five at the next level. There really isn’t anything Giles cannot do physically, a very gifted athlete. That is what attracts him most to NBA front offices.

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The biggest red flag that pops up with Giles is his injury history. He’s already torn both of his ACL’s and his left MCL. Some are concerned that his knee injuries may cause him to be a little gun shy at times. The second biggest issue in Giles game is shooting, outside 12-15 feet he can really struggle. He lacks range and versatility on the offensive end.   His footwork and touch around the rim needs improvement.


First Year Expectations and Fit

Giles, like most guys at this part of the draft, is a project. Giles most likely wont have a major impact in his first season, and might even see some time in the D-League. Id be very leery of the Bucks drafting him. They already have a one and done Dukie with knee issues. Giles ability to get up and down the court does fit well with the Bucks, but not good enough to overlook his knee history. I think Giles will still be available when the Bucks are on the clock, but I think they’ll go another direction.

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Career Expectations

Odds are anybody drafted outside the lottery turns out to be nothing more than a role player. Once in a while there is obviously an exception to the rule. I don’t see Giles being that exception to the rule. Odds are Giles will be a role player. He draws a lot of comparison to Bobby Portis. Portis was a late first round pick for the Bulls. He is a similar size to Giles, and I think it’s a fair comparison. Portis is a solid NBA role player.


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