Sitdown Interview with The Present Age


The Present Age’s new single – “Headaches”

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I was recently passing through Oshkosh, and I had a chance to sit down and interview an up coming band from the area.

Alexander Juneau (Interviewer): So give me a little bit of background on the band? When did you start?

Isaac Lamers: The band officially started in January of 2015. We’re just two brothers who have been playing music their entire lives.

Alexander: Who does what in the band?

Logan: Isaac does not just play the drums, he does the majority of our producing. He can sub in and play any instrument on the album.

Isaac: I am the Ryan Lewis to his Macklemore. Logan does the majority of the song writing and lyrics. I think he writes amazing and poetic lyrics. He does guitar, piano, and bass. Whatever we need for our live shows.

Alexander: What made you decide on two band members, it’s a little unconventional?

Isaac: Because Logan and I have been playing music for so long we understand each other on a close level. We decided that we did not need any more members, it is easier to collaborate. Since we are brothers and have similar schedules, we live together and are constantly in communication.

Logan Lamers: We weren’t opposed to more members, but it has become our identity. We know we can put on a good show with two people. We have a connection, and anyone joining in would be a step behind. We have almost ten years of experience playing together, and it would be tough to introduce someone from scratch. If we find our third band member, it will happen organically, we aren’t actively looking, but are open to change.

Alexander: What made you pick the name The Present Age?

Logan: It’s a concept by philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, talking about the current time which can be applied to any generation or time, which is tied to over reflection to the point of not acting on one’s passions. We wanted to showcase our passion with actions and inspire others and by fulfilling one’s passion living life with a purpose.

Alexander: Who would you say your biggest musical influences are?

Isaac: The Cure, U2, David Bowie, and The Killers.

Alexander: Who would you compare yourself to in terms of music?

Isaac: We are striving for a unique sound, but would classify it as Indie Rock, Indie Pop, New Wave. We have parallels in style to Death Cab for Cutie and The Killers.Logan

Logan: We have people tell us we are everything, Emo, Pop. It is tough to classify oneself, but we would say since we were inspired by new wave, we would call it Post Wave.

Alexander: What are your goals as a Band?

Logan: Short term, releasing music for our fans. We are releasing an album early March.

Isaac: Major goal right now is become a well known band in Wisconsin.

Logan: We really want to try and represent a type of music we feel is underrepresented right now.

Alexander: Where do you guys record your music?

Isaac: We record all our music on campus, and we met a guy through the recording program here at UW Oshkosh. We are very thankful the UW system lets us make cool stuff. We would like to extend our thanks to Derek Fredrickson, he has helped us record and produce a lot of our recent music.

Alexander: Tell me about your new album.

Isaac: We have recorded and released songs in the past, and we are looking for something more cohesive. We decided that with our growing confidence in the band, a new full length album would help lay the foundation for our band. We recorded our single: “These Kinds of Things”, and that was used as a promotional tool. We sold that song for a dollar and donated half the profits to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, which is a cause we believed in.

Logan: It was viewed as a win, win. We want the song to be massive and successful, but we also know people are more likely to buy it if its associated with charity, and we also really care about cause.LOGS

Isaac: It was intended to give people a taste of our sound and a preview of our upcoming album. We are ready to make a full length album, we have been working really hard writing music.

Logan: We don’t care if anyone buys the album, we just want to be able to put it in our car. It’s the first thing we have made that we are really proud of.

Alexander: What is one thing you would really like our readers to know?

Isaac: We are looking to meet up with any bands or people who share our interest in music. If anyone is interested in reaching out to us we are on Twitter and Facebook, but at the end of the day we just want to share our sound and hope people enjoy it.

Logan: This is all we want to do, if there are bands that we could travel with, we would welcome any and all opportunities.

Isaac: We would love to join the Milwaukee Music scene, there are a lot of talented artists and a lot of big names have come out of Milwaukee. It’s a great place to play music, there are a lot of really great venues and art scene as a whole.

Logan: From what we have noticed, the music in Milwaukee is primarily Hip Hop and Metal and here in the Fox Valley there is a lot more folk and country artists. We think we can add to a more unrepresented musical genre in Milwaukee and Wisconsin as a whole.


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