Tramon Williams Worth to the Packers


The Packers last two cornerback signings have been players they couldn’t/didn’t want to pay when their Green Bay tenure ended. Davon House didn’t play out of this world last season, but he was a leader. He played injured, and showed up, giving his best effort even after the team shut down Aaron Rodgers for the second time. Obviously that can’t be said for a good number of green and gold bearers. I’m doing my best not to judge that, I mean, I could see a more talented version of myself not caring about those last two games.

The new Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst has traded Damarious Randall for a young back up quarterback, and moving up in the fourth and fifth rounds of the 2018 draft. He’s left Davon House waiting for an offer in free agency (something I sort of expect the Packers to eventually extend). Packer nation has been rightfully worried about the cornerback position, one of the positions that has really stunted the team’s chances of winning the past few seasons. Everyone knows the team was going to acquire a new batch of cornerbacks before the start of training camp. The first acquisition is a fan favorite, Tramon Williams.

No one’s upset that 38 is back in green and gold, he spent nine successful seasons in Green Bay, before signing to play for new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine in Cleveland. I think I’m most excited to see Tramon back, because I hated thinking about how his Packers career ended. In my world, that NFC championship game barely happened. I’ve had weird dreams that I consider to be more real than that horrible Sunday. So thank you Gutekunst, this will help me further ignore the existence of the 2015 NFC championship game.

Onto what Williams actually brings to the team. He was still a starting caliber defensive back in Arizona last season, recording two interceptions and 12 batted balls in 13 games. Who knows how long he can keep it up, but he’s still playing at the level he was, when his nine year tenure in Green Bay ended. One thing to be concerned about, in that nine year stay with the Packers he only missed one game. In the three years since he’s been gone, he’s missed eight games. That’s still not horrible, but it may show that father time is starting to do his thing.

Regardless, an aging Tramon Williams is about as good of a signing as the team could have hoped for. Alib Taliq was asking about tanking last season, and responded that he didn’t know how to tank, and that Denver has champions in this locker room. If Denver had Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback, they would have had a chance to win the super bowl last year. It’s important to have that energy in the locker room. It’s something the Packers defense has desperately been missing since Tramon Williams went packing, and especially when Sammy Shields had to retire.

I assume the team is going to use two to three draft picks to address the position. Having a champion on the roster, who knows the Green Bay/Mike McCarthy way, is such a huge asset for a position that may trot out Kevin King, the rookies, and maybe Davon House. Not only will he mentor the cornerback position, I think he could be a huge plus for Kentrell Brice.

They’re both Louisiana Tech alums, who end up in Green Bay after not being drafted their rookie seasons. Brice has a lot of talent, and brings a basketball mentality to the defense. He’s not going to back down, he believes in himself despite whatever accolades he’s going up against, and he plays with pride. The team could be down four touchdowns in the fourth quarter, and he’s still going to play his rear off to avoid going down five touchdowns. Williams could help Brice capture his talent and become an essential starter for the team for years to come.

Although Tramon can still ball, his biggest worth will hopefully come from knowing McCarthy/Pettine’s systems, and how to compete with pride. There aren’t many players in the league I’d be more comfortable bringing in to help turn some young talent into starting caliber players for the Packers at a position of upmost importance. And let’s not forget they signed him for a reasonable two year, ten million dollar contract.

And just to party poop…(He would’ve been a great mentor to Damarious Randall).


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