Welcome to the New Cream City Central


If you’re a regular visitor to CreamCityCentral.com, you may find yourself saying…”it looks different.” Well don’t worry, you’re not having a drug-induced hallucination. Cream City Central is brand new, baby!

My name is Jimmy Lemke. You may know me as PantherU, pretty much the best thing going when it comes to the Milwaukee Panthers. We are part of the Brew City Ball Network, and I’m pleased to announce that Cream City Central will be taking over as our representatives for the Milwaukee Bucks!

If you’re worried about changes, don’t be – they’re all good changes. For one, the website you’re looking at is a BCB joint – I built it myself. There is also a new forum, which you should definitely sign up for and join in the conversation. Since it is part of the BCB Network, you’ll also be able to participate in discussion on the Panthers, Golden Eagles and area preps.

You’ll also be able to see a huge boost in our coverage of the Bucks. Sylvan Zarwell will be heading a writing staff that will cover the Deer from all angles – beat writing, previews, recaps, features, editorials, and more!

It’s not just our writers who can provide contact. If you would like to contribute, we invite you to submit one of our new FanTakes! Head over to the contact page to let us know your interest.

Don’t expect us to fall off on social media. We’re still the best site to follow across social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, you’ll find Cream City Central maintaining its high level of Bucks coverage, wall-to-wall!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be tweaking the new site to make things even better for you, the fans. So please bear with us while we go through some growing pains – it’s not easy becoming the best! If you have any ideas or comments regarding the new site, we’d love to hear your ideas – let us know in the contact section.

On behalf of everyone at Brew City Ball, I want to welcome you all to the new CreamCityCentral.com!

Jimmy Lemke, @PantherU


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